Now is the time to support Black-owned dispensaries in Los Angeles, especially as interest in the industry continues to climb. In fact, the industry is on track to be worth an estimated $70.6 billion globally by 2028 as more states legalize it.

Yet, Black people are not getting a fair shot. A 2017 report from Marijuana Business Daily shows that a little more than 4 percent of marijuana business owners identify as Black compared to the more than 80 percent of white owners.

While there are many organizations working to create an equitable cannabis industry in major cities like Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Portland, we can also help change that narrative.

Here are 9 Black-owned dispensaries In Los Angeles to support.

1. California Cannabis Dispensary


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California Cannabis Dispensary is owned by Virgil Grant. He has dedicated his life to fighting for social justice to ensure inclusion in the industry.

In addition to flower, pre-rolls, vapes, concentrations, drinks, and CBD,  you can also buy apparel to support the brand.

2. Gorilla Rx Wellness


Gorilla Rx Wellness is the first Black woman-owned dispensary in Los Angeles.

The dispensary was founded by a mother-daughter duo who both go by the name, Kika, as we previously reported.

3. Sixty Four & Hope


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Sixty Four & Hope is a wellness-focused cannabis store rooted in a culture that elevates rich, local voices through best-in-class products.

It’s a place with good vibes as the owner really honors the plant culture.

4. Josephine & Billie’s


Josephine & Billie’s is an elevated cannabis experience that offers a cannabis speakeasy.

A walk in the dispensary is like taking a trip into the “tea pads” of Black communities from the 20s and 30s where people would commune to enjoy jazz and cannabis while feeling connected, relaxed, valued, and safe, a statement on the website explains.


5. The Green Paradise

The Green Paradise specializes in the strain, freshness, flavor, scent, benefits, and culture surrounding cannabis.

The dispensary is the newest one in Los Angeles and just opened in 2022.

6. Ball Family Farms


Ball Family Farms flower is hand-crafted from the finest raw and organic nutrients.

The owners take pride in the fact that their products are cultivated with meticulous attention to detail, all while being developed and produced in-house to the most precise standards.

7. Blaqstar Farms


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Established in 2012, Blaqstar Farms is based on the principles of cultivating clean and high-quality cannabis products. The dispensary is headquartered in the heart of Los Angeles, and combines traditional approaches with sustainable growing techniques, according to the owners.

8. Litco


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Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, Litco founders say they strive to integrate quality and compliant goods into the lives of their customers for a beneficial and stress-free lifestyle.

Litco is also a celebrity fave, too.

9. Ganja Goddess (Delivery Only)


If you don’t feel comfortable going inside a dispensary just yet, you can still have products delivered.

The Black-owned brand Ganja Goddess can deliver to you as long as you’re in the LA region.