When Dallas resident Moriah Waller saw a need in global communities, she immediately stepped in to help. It started during her time living in Costa Rica where she worked closely with a nonprofit organization for six months.

“The group that I worked with needed more volunteers,” Moriah told Travel Noire. ” I was inspired to bring more awareness to global volunteering opportunities.”

Initially, she created a platform that people could freely search for volunteer opportunities around the world. But, she wanted to do more.

So, she created World of Need.

Courtesy of World of Need

Through this organization, Moriah curates volunteer work experiences for college students around the world. The volunterns (volunteer interns) are able to gain hands-on work experience for their respective major and industry while helping communities in need around the globe.

So far, she has been able to place students in 13 counties and her latest partnerships are within communities on the continent of Africa. Moriah personally visits the communities before making the decision to work with them.

“I want to change the world through education abroad. My husband and I are passionate about education reform and we want people of color to receive education in a way that will better serve them.”

Courtesy of World of Need

How it works

Students from universities across the U.S. can apply directly on the organization’s website. They must answer online interview questions as well as submit a current resume.

They can select the country that they are interested in going to and the major or career field they are seeking to gain experience in.

Moriah then creates a project based on what will give the student the best experience. She sends that to the respective leaders of the country that the student will visit, for added suggestions.

Courtesy of World of Need

There are three programs that students can choose from under World of Need. The voluntern program which lasts 2-8 weeks, the gap year program which is 12-24 weeks, and a study abroad program that’s roughly 1-2 months. Professors can also request a faculty-led experience where they, in turn, take their class to a country, while they aim to focus on a particular subject matter.

The trips can range in price from $900- $2,000 and students are responsible for the costs. However, Moriah and her team do offer scholarships and financial assistance to those in need. There is also the option for students to receive assistance from their university.

Opportunities are inclusive of tours, accommodations, and meals, but each package varies.

To learn more about World of Need’s programs, you can visit the website: www.worldofneed.org or find them on social media at @worldofneed.

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