Craft breweries across the United States are launching a new beer that will support equality for people of color. It’s a call to action that many other industries and companies are joining in response to the worldwide protests over racial inequality.

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Weathered Souls – a black-owned brewery in San Antonio, Texas – has created the base recipe for the beer, which will be distributed to more than 215 brewers nationwide. Breweries participating can add their unique twist to it and place their brewery’s name on the label, as reported by CBS Dallas.

The beer named “Black’ is Beautiful” is a 10% ABV imperial stout featuring a drier body with dark chocolate and fudge.

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“Being that this is supporting people of color, I thought a stout would be appropriate,” said Marcus Baskerville, co-founder of Weathered Souls.

The proceeds from the beer will go toward organizations that fight for social justice. Participating breweries will donate a portion of the proceeds to the organization of their choice. Baskerville, who reflected on his own racial profiling experiences and being unfairly detained when he was younger, said he hopes a show of unison by the beer industry makes a difference.

“It’s crazy that you even have to ask for change,” he added.