Looking for a little motivation to kick you into gear for your new year of optimal health and wellness? Making changes to mind and body is a lifelong process that starts today!

Follow these fitness coaches to inspire you to make healthier decisions in 2020 and beyond.


Massy Arias is a health coach and CEO of her own supplement company. From workouts and healthy recipes to honest stories of motherhood and running a business, her Instagram account is pure motivation and inspiration for anyone looking for a healthy start.


1.6 million followers agree that the “queen of home workouts” is not playin’ when it comes to health and fitness. Brittne is strong, beautiful, and highly motivated to slay her own goals as well as yours.


It’s hard to scroll through Nicole’s account and not find yourself scheduling in your next gym session. Shortcuts are never an option, and Nicole proves that by showing the world her grueling workouts and health routines.


Consistency is the name of Lita’s game – and she came to win. A health coach, “lightworker”, and mom to four boys, Lita is pure motivation to anyone looking to make healthy changes. Her page is a mix of inspirational quotes, workout videos, and powerful selfies that offer glimpses into her life.


A “mental and physical transformer”, Qui will get you from zero to beast mode in just a few posts. Follow her workout videos and share in her journey through words of wisdom and images from her daily routine.


Get the motivation you need from Jeanette Jenkins, a personal trainer and health coach with 29 years of experience. If you need a little push to get to the gym, she encourages her followers to make exercise a part of their daily regimen just like brushing your teeth or combing your hair.