Birria Birria,” or whatever Carlos Santana said.

The birria taco craze has taken off over the last year, and it’s one of the hottest dishes out right now.

Birria tacos are a traditional Mexican dish made with goat meat, beef, veal, lamb or pork. A slow-cooked stew is made and the tacos are filled with all the toppings we all love, fried and then dipped into the stew.

If you are looking to get your hands on this trendy dish, here are some of our favorite restaurants to curb your craving.

Birria El Gordo


Birria El Gordo, located in Atlanta, became viral after a customer posted a video on social media. The menu, which is simple and to-the-point, has 5 items which are all birria inspired. Order Recommendation: steak quesotaco with beef consume (birria stew) and Jamaican Agua Fresca.

L.A. Birria


Los Angeles, while known for its many Mexican restaurants, has this place high on their list for the best birria tacos in the city. The smell of the stew lingers outside its doors, leaving many to understand why people flock to this restaurant. Order Recommendation: Vampiro Ranchero tacos and birria stew.

Chofi Familia


This authentic New Jersey taco restaurant is home to some of the best birria tacos on the east coast. What started out as a small food truck in Brooklyn, has evolved into a New Jersey staple. Order Recommendation: chicken and steak birria quesotacos

Birria Landia


Welcome to Birria Landia, New York City’s late night birria taco truck open until 1 am. This truck brings people from all across the boroughs to gather and enjoy their spicy birria tacos. Order Recommendation: steak tostadas and consume.

Pepe’s Tacos


Pepe’s Tacos are new to Austin, Texas, however this small food truck has already made a name for itself. The menu is small, but focused on the art of birria tacos and consume. Order Recommendation: goat and steak birria tacos.