With outdoor activities being the main source of entertainment these days, the news of The Empire State Trail opening has brought excitement to New Yorkers.

The State of New York has officially completed the 750-mile trail that connects New York City to Canada. The T-shaped trail starts with The Manhattan Greenway Trail located at The Battery, and ends on the southern side of the Canadian border.

The trail is open to both hikers and bikers.

Map Of Trail Courtesy of New York State

First announced in 2017 by Governor Cuomo, the trail also runs through many of New York States cities, college towns, rural communities and other landscapes— including the Hudson River Valley, Erie Canal and the Adirondacks Mountains.

There is something for everyone, including those who are not the most outdoorsy by nature.

New York State announced a parallel initiative to grow and support the craft beverage community. The Trail Brewery Passport, available through the New York Craft Beer App, provides descriptions of each of the 200 craft breweries all within 10-miles of the Empire State Trail. They are hoping this new attraction can also help the economy, as New York continues to face the challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.