The pandemic has caused an influx of people to step out of the box to get their travel fix. Adhering to social distance policies while remaining affordable, taking a road trip has become the way for many to fill their wanderlust in the recent months.

Whether it be a cross-country trip with your close friends, a solo trip to a nearby town, or even a romantic trip to set the mood— there’s a path and destination for every type of traveler. Here are our favorite destinations that will curb your travel fix.

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A Piece Of Paradise

There aren’t many places that feel like paradise as much as Miami does. However, Miami can sometimes be a tad bit crowded. Directly off the coast of Miami sits Key West.

The bridge that connects the two, Seven Mile Bridge, will be the highlight of your road trip. Start your trip from your city to the Florida Keys as you  drive into paradise.  

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Recommendation: Miami to Key West to Clearwater Beach to Savannah, GA

The Blue Ridge Mountains

When you think of a sweet escape, do you think of mountain peaks, fresh air and great food along the way? If so, use the Blue Ridge Parkway as a route to discover the things the city is lacking.

As you drive, remember to stop along the way to smell the roses.

Follow The Mississippi River

Spanning over 3000-miles long, The Mississippi River starts in the middle of Minnesota and flows through the Midwest, while connecting the deep south.

Along the way, you will bump into historic landmarks such as Natchez Trace Parkway, Natchez Museum of African American Culture and New Orleans’ Café Du Monde for beignets.


The Great Escape

This route is not for the weak. Route 50 is known as “the loneliest road in America”. While you will need to tap into some of your PTO time as this route can take up to two weeks to complete, it makes for the best solo trip to decompress and experience several national parks along the way.

The Beauty Of Hana

The three-hour drive from Kahului to Hana, is truly a sight to see. However, don’t be fooled by the clear blue waters and Hawaiian sun as steep cliffs and rough turns are hiding along the path.


A Private California Escape

For a small fee of $10 you can experience a scenic 17-mile drive displaying the entire California’s Monterey Peninsula. This privately-owned path, off of highway 1, includes ocean views, private surfing spots and even a front row seat to the Pebble Beach golf community.

Recommendation: Make sure you stop and see Del Monte forest

The Coastal Route

How far up-north have you been? The journey to The Lobster Trail, also known as the pathway to Maine, travels from Dover, Delaware to the tip of Acadia National Park in Maine.

While the coastal cities are the main attraction of this route, it is also considered the perfect road trip for seafood lovers and foodies.