Nothing beats a comfortable stay whenever you are in Santiago. Depending on how long your stay will be in this fascinating city, you’ll want to linger in an area that suits all your needs.  Granted, with so many top-rated hotels in this city, the options may seem overwhelming. Rest assured, with the right research, you’ll no doubt find the best neighborhood and hotel at a cost that’s well within your budget. Here are some of the areas you should know if you wish to explore Santiago.

Santiago Downtown

Staying in the center of Santiago city will work best for you if you are here for a short stay. Located near some of the main attractions in Chile, Santiago City will give you a balance in modern and traditional Santiago. Famous heritage sites like the presidential palace and El Palacio de La Moneda are right within the city not to add the numerous museums as well. Hotels and apartments are highly available here offering the best hospitality services to tourists.


If you want a more peaceful place to stay, then Providencia will give you just that. Being a neighborhood with many bars and restaurants along the streets, the nightlife in this place is just magnificent. This is the right place to stay if you are here for an extended visit and you want to explore the traditions, art, and culture. With a serene ambiance and a more natural environment, you might find it suitable for a family vacation. Some of the popular destinations are Providencia for tourists include Cerro San Cristóbal.

Las Condes

This is a more high-class place with luxury hotels. The fact that is located on the hilly part, Las Condes will give you a magnificent view of the city. Typically, you should expect to find more lavish hotels here, but the good news is, the prices are quite competitive. The fact that Las Condes is not far from town makes it the perfect place for you to have a better perspective of Santiago and still get the chance to get the full experience of this beautiful place.


If you are more interested in the traditions and culture of Santiago, then Vitacura should be the right place for you while visiting Santiago. With several museums, this place has been a popular destination for many tourists. It offers a more natural environment plus the hotels around this place are just magnificent. Being a high-class residential area, you can only expect the area to be more pleasant to stay.

Santiago is a great place to be and enjoy your vacation. Many tourists have found this place to be refreshing, and most keep coming back. Thanks to its wealthy historical background, you can learn so much from the ancient artifacts and the records of endless historical mileages.