Fez is best known as Morocco’s cultural capital and here is where you’ll also find a city of remarkable treasures. The elaborate architecture is magnificent, as is its many mosques and madrasas and the enticing maze that is the old Medina. You’ll find that Fez is full of historic buildings that house some of the best hotels in the region.

Dar Tahyra

This hotel is beautiful, affordable and will instantly make you feel as if it’s your home. Dar Tahyra is located at the center of old Medina, making it convenient if you want to be near most activities. The owner pays special attention to the guests and the hotel’s chefs will prepare a Moroccan breakfast each morning. The rooms are beautifully decorated and sleep between two and six people. There is also a terrace so that you can relax and enjoy the wonderful view.

Riad Fes Baraka

Riad Fes Baraka is a traditional and charming guesthouse. Here you’ll enjoy traditional architecture while you relaxing in a quaint haven, away from the chaos of the city. Each room is tastefully decorated and surrounded by a patio. Amenities include a pool, as well as an on-site restaurant that offers traditional Moroccan dining.

Hotel Sahrai

Combing history and luxury, Hotel Sahrai is truly a true marvel of comfort. Located on the hills near the city of Fes, not only do you get luxury but a fantastic view as well. The Hotel Sahrai is stylishly designed to combine traditional Morrocon design with comfort,.Some of the amenities include a spa and two on-site restaurants.

Riad Salam Fes

This hotel is located outside the center of Fez, offering an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Have no worries, though, you’re still a short cab ride away from the hustle and bustle of the city to visit. When you stay at this 5-star hotel you’ll have a spacious room, access to both an inside and outdoor pool. Salam fes offers luxury and charm that will fit the tastes of almost anyone.

Palais Sheherazada

This hotel is an oasis of beauty and tranquility though it is still close to streets of the old Medina.  Surrounded by palm trees, plants, as well as inviting pools and refreshing fountains, you’ll feel as if you are staying in a true oasis. With its majestic Moroccan architecture, you get old style with modern luxury. Some amenities include a tennis court, golf, spa, as well as lavish rooms.

Hotel Batha

Batha is a historic and cultural district in Fes, and is located near the old Medina, making it a good location to stay while visiting this ancient city. This hotel features an outdoor pool, a sun terrace, and a bar. With this hotel’s location in the heart of the Medina means that the bars, restaurants, and shops will be nearby, making the Hotel Batha an even better choice. Although this isn’t a luxury hotel, it is adequate and in a great location.