The joy June brings with the longest day of the year, the official start of summer, warm weather, and blooming flowers, means that it comes to no surprise that it’s one of the best times of years to travel. 

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With its popularity, June can also be an expensive time to travel as visitors start a vacation from school and work. 

Below is a list of the best places to travel in June are affordable from various departure cities thanks to research from Skyscanner:

Hamilton, Bermuda

Remember when we told you all about how Bermuda officials are aiming to increase Black tourism to the island after tourism leaders found that Black Americans spent $63 billion spent on tourism in 2018?

Coincidentally, flight deals to Bermuda have begun and Skyscanner is predicting that June 18 to June 25 are among the cheapest times to travel to Bermuda.

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Located on the island’s northwest corner, Hamilton Parish is popular for its majestic landscape, including the Crystal Caves, Horseshoe Bay, and Warwick Long Bay.

Bermuda offers stunning beaches with pink sand that visitors say feels like you’re stepping on powder. 

If you want the beach mixed with luxury, yet affordable, then this is the perfect destination for you.

Havana, Cuba

As the capital of Cuba, Havana is a vibrant city that drips in stunning architecture and wonderful people that compliments the island’s natural beauty.

Looking for a good time, then Havana is for you.  You can find good music almost anywhere –from rooftops, clubs, private homes, and street corners.

Havana is popular among history buffs, those seeking adventure, and for those who care about affordability. 

Disclaimer: some people criticize the amenities that hotels and bed and breakfasts offer, including limited Wi-Fi capabilities but don’t let that stop you from visiting one of the most fascinating places in the Caribbean.

Why Havana in June?  There are plenty of flight deals from various cities, including Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago for under $300 round-trip.  The best dates to travel are from early to mid-June, according to Skyscanner.

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Seoul, South Korea

Flight deals to Seoul appear to be at a low in June, so why not make the trek to the other side of the world (depending on where you are, of course).

The South Korean capital is a city that never sleeps and offers some of the best nightlife in the world. Not only is Seoul affordable, but it’s a great destination for foodies.

Banchan, bibimbap, bossam, are just among a few things you should try on your food adventure.

Other highlights of Seoul include a visit to the five palaces, Bukhansan National Park, and Myeong-dong Street, which is a good place to try street food and shop.

For the best flight deals, plan a trip towards the end of June, according to Skyscanner.

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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Known as the “New York of South America,” Sao Paulo is an absolute dream for art-lovers who will be wowed with the city’s modern art, museums, and theatres upon arrival. 

Like many places on this “Best of June” list, dining in Sao Paulo is an absolute must.  Here is where you will find the best restaurant selection in the country, from sushi to Brazilian churrascarias or steakhouses. 

In addition, Sao Paulo has one of the largest population of Italian descendants outside of Italy, so be sure to try the famed pizza paulistana. 

As the cultural hub of Brazil, Sao Paulo boasts South America’s most impressive collection of nightclubs. 

Mid-June is the best time to travel for a flight deal, according to Skyscanner.

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