November is a tricky month to travel as it technically kicks off the holiday season into December and the New Year. But as everyone is counting down the days until their holiday break, it means that there are some weeks in between that you can find some great deals to take a vacation.

November is a great month to travel because it tends to be a quieter travel season. It’s the calm before the storm, so it’s likely that you will skip the crowds and find amazing deals on accommodations when compared to the summer travel season.

Ready for a getaway but can’t decide? Here are the best destinations in November currently under $400 round-trip. Just be sure to book early as prices fluctuate from day-to-day.

Rome, Italy

It’s said that visiting Rome in November is one of the best times to travel to the city.

Even though November is technically Rome’s rainy season, it’s still surprisingly beautiful in November. It’s a great time to visit those outdoor attractions and markets before it gets too cold.

Even better is that most hotels drop their rates in the month of November.

Flights from Boston and New York City are as low as $279 round-trip, according to Skyscanner.

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Cartagena, Colombia

For those of you not looking forward to the winter season, Cartagena is the perfect destination for you. Even though it’s that time of the year where it begins to cool down, temperatures in Cartagena are still in the mid-80s.

As with many popular destinations, tourism in November is starting to slow down in November, which means that you can actually go to the beach and pick the best spot on the sand to relax.

Flights from Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, New York City and even Denver are less than $300 this November, according to Skyscanner.

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San Jose, Costa Rica

November is a very quiet month for holidays and festivals in Costa Rica but there’s still a lot to do.

You can take a guided coffee tour, soak in the hot springs, or see the majestic waterfalls.

There are dozens of flights from various cities here in the United States including, New York City, Orlando, Denver, Houston, Miami, and Philadelphia for less than $300 on Skyscanner.

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Bali, Indonesia

Good news for those of you on the West Coast: a round-trip to Bali can be purchased for $387 on Skyscanner if you’re departing from Los Angeles. That’s nearly a third of the average price to fly to Bali.

If you’re planning to head to the beach, Padang Padang, Pandawa, Balangan, and Jimbaran Beaches are the best during this time of year.

Balangan Beach, Indonesia Photo | Unsplash