Bermuda Is Inviting Foreigners To Work Remotely For One Year
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Bermuda Is Inviting Foreigners To Work Remotely For One Year

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jul 24, 2020

Add Bermuda to the list countries allowing non-residents to work on the island for an entire year.

Officials just approved a One Year Residential Certificate, which would allow visitors to research, work, and study on the island.

Starting on Aug. 1, travelers can apply for the visa, which will cost a one-time fee of $263.

“As many of us have been freed from the confines of the traditional office format, an exciting new opportunity has emerged to transform into digital nomads and relocate our home offices to exciting new destinations,” a statement reads. “At a time when international travel is limited for many Americans, there’s no better option than idyllic Bermuda.”

And if the beautiful beaches weren’t enough to draw people to the island, Bermuda officials are touting that they have “successfully manages the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to strict early-to-enact protocols.”

In offering this One Year Residential Certificate, Bermuda Minister of Labor Jason Hayward says the government will be able to increase the residential population and economic activity as well as provide greater job security for Bermudians. Furthermore, it also projected to “enhance the marketability of Bermuda as a place to reside, visit, or do business.”

Bermuda joins a list of countries attracting non-residents with visitor stamps that would allow them to work for up to one year.

Earlier this month, Barbados announced it was working on introducing a concept known as the 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp. The stamp would effectively allow visitors to work remotely on the island for a full year.

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