As one of the only nations in the world to be classified as very low risk by the CDC, meaning there is no travel health notice for the country, Bermuda is definitely a place you will want to consider going. The island is full of culture and they definitely know how to have a great time, too.

If you have plans or are making plans to visit, in the future, we’ve curated this list of things that you must add to your itinerary while there.

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

Looking to experience something outside of the norm? What many people may not know is Bermuda is home to a few caves, that the public can visit. The Grotto Bay Resort and Spa offers spa treatments as well as an option to swim inside the cave. If you want to just walk through and get some cute photos, check out Crystal Caves which is said to be millions of years old.

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

Bermudians are big on their Sunday brunch. So much so, you can often find fun brunch “parties” at some of the island’s resorts. The Hamilton Princess and Beach Club, Bermuda’s iconic pink hotel, offers a Sunday brunch series that changes with the season. The event usually has a DJ and unlimited champagne or breakfast cocktails during a certain time frame. COVID rules: all patrons must wear a mask in the hotel unless seated at their table.

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Bermuda has a large concentration of shipwrecks across its waters. What makes it even better, is that some of them can be seen while snorkeling. The island is home to some amazing reefs, and you can even get up close with adorable sea turtles. If you are lucky, try to book a private dive with the first and only Bermudian certified across the free dive, scuba, and rebreather streams— Weldon Wade. He also works as a conservationist, so he is very knowledgeable about the island’s reefs and underwater life.

For you boat charter needs, there are plenty of Black-owned charter companies including Pure Play Charters. They’ll even throw you the aux.

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

Being the Atlantic Ocean safe haven that it is, you can guarantee that the fresh seafood options will be endless. But, you will also be able to try dishes that are native only to Bermuda.

Bermudian lobster is a must try when visiting, but keep in mind it can only be enjoyed from September 1 to March 31. It is different from most lobster because it is caught in warm water, so when prepared the meat is much softer. Chefs serve the whole lobster, including the head, and they add stuffing for an added flare.

Shark hash is another must do. It is shark meat that goes through a complex draining and cleaning process, and then it is cooked with an array of spices. It reminds you of the salmon our grandmothers would prepare to go over eggs, for breakfast— but a little different texture. Pro tip: Also add a fish sandwich on raisin bread to your foodie adventures.

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What’s a trip to Bermuda without visiting a pink sand beach? Pink sand beaches are mostly found on the island’s south shore, but you may find a few subtle pink beaches in other areas.

The pink sand is actually not the sand itself. The pink hue comes from tiny broken seashells that mix in with the often powdery white sand. Either way, it’s definitely something you’ll want to flick up for the ‘Gram.

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