Sometimes “seclusion” isn’t such a bad word. If you are looking to really get away on your next getaway, here are a few Caribbean beaches where peace and quiet is a guarantee. 

Klein Curacao, Curacao

It’s certainly not easy to find, but that’s usually true about the most-beautiful places. This tiny, uninhibited island is located just a few miles southeast of Curacao and offers an isolated setting along its white, powdery coastline. You can spend the day exploring the lighthouse, swimming with sea turtles, diving alongside a shipwreck, or simply basking in the sun and enjoying the quiet. 

Shipwreck on Klein Curaçau island | Martinelli73 | Getty Images

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La Sagesse Beach, Grenada

With only one hotel along this beach, the crowds are always minimal. You can spend the day sitting under palm trees and watching the calming waves of the teal waters without being disturbed. 

La Sagesse | oriredmouse | Getty Images

Banana Bay, St. Kitts

Another one that’s hard to get to, but again, that’s really the point when it comes to isolation, Banana Bay is located on St. Kitts’ southeast coast. You may not be completely alone on this picture-perfect beach with the company of flying fish and hatching turtles that visit during certain seasons. 

No Name Beach, Klein Bonaire Island

Uninhabited and located a half-mile from Bonaire, this beach is the definition of unspoiled, with white sand, crystal blue waters, and no buildings or people in sight. This beach is also protected by a national park, so tourists and overdevelopment will never spoil the tranquility. 

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Gold Rock Beach, Grand Bahama

Gold Rock Beach is part of The Lucayan National Park and you’ll have to walk through part of the park to find it. At low tide, the shoreline of the beach spans for yards into the sea, and it is referred to as Grand Bahama Island’s “welcome mat.” This secluded paradise is relatively undiscovered, and the perfect spot to enjoy the sea without any other distractions. 

Gold Rock Beach | XabiTovar | Getty Images