Shannon Harris is hoping to open the first Black-owned brewery in Austin, TX along with his wife and co-owner Tiana Harris. And once Urban Jungle Brewing opens in 2022, it will function as a brewery, bakery, farm, and horse rescue in the North Austin area, as reported in Eater.

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“After studying business, spending eight years in construction, portfolio accounting, five years of homebrewing, [and] four years of collaborating with craft breweries across the US, and visiting breweries around the world, I’m finally going pro,” he said.

In Texas, there is currently one Black-owned brewery.  San Antonio microbrewery Weathered Souls launched the national “Black Is Beautiful” beer that will support equality for people of color.

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Harris says he wants to create a space where diversity and inclusivity is not only tolerated but welcomed. 

“A place where people of color, women, LBTQIA+, and everyone can know that they have a family, a place to hang out, socialize, feel safe, and enjoy good beer,” he added.

There are more than 8,000 breweries in the United States but only 1 percent are Black-owned, according to Bart Watson, chief economist of the Brewers Association.