A black couple has created a new social media platform connecting students in more than 140 countries. 

Dwight and Angelique Morrison are the founders of PS Remember:  a new app that allows users to track who they may have gone to school with, as well as network with people at various institutions that they are thinking about attending or may have attended.  

“What makes PS REMEMBER so powerful is that it’s totally free, unique and specific to students,” a statement on the website reads.  “There are approximately 568 million students currently attending high school and about 207 million attending college or university. Our goal is to connect all the schools and students in the world by offering a PS REMEMBER account to every student in every country.”

The Morrisons tout that PS Remember has the most comprehensive and largest online database with the more than 2.5 million schools that are social on the app.  

The free app on Google Play has handy search features that connect people in the United States, Canada, England, India, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Australia, Italy, France, Scotland, Jamaica, Argentina, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and more.

For more details or to join for free, visit www.psremember.com or download the app from the Google Play store.