Antigua and Barbuda boasts some of the most tropical, beautiful landscapes on Earth, and you can get there from select cities around the United States for less than you may think.


It’s no surprise that the best bargain to Antigua and Barbuda is for those leaving from New York City, with round-trip flights starting at $349 for travel dates in September and October via American Airlines. Washington D.C.-based travelers will find similar flights for travel in the fall, too.



We also spotted affordable flights from Columbus, Ohio (starting at $568), Chicago (starting at $406), Los Angeles (starting at $460) and Philadelphia (starting at $501).


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Atlanta-based travelers can expect to spend around $500 for round-trip flights every month this year except July, while flights less than $500 start in August for those leaving from Orlando.


Once you’re in the Caribbean destination, head straight to the coast where the stunning beaches and water activities will fill your days with both peace and excitement. Go snorkeling to the Cades Reef, a famous underwater park, tour caves in Barbuda and hike Mount Obama named after the 44th president.


To book your flight to this tropical paradise, head to Google Flights or start with our sample itinerary here and adjust the departure location and travel dates to what best suits your needs. Keep in mind that cheaper flights will likely mean layovers or flight restrictions, so read the flight details thoroughly before you book your ticket.