Opening this month, the Angad Arts Hotel in St. Louis matches travelers’ mood with their room, by color.


Boasting their ‘stay colorful’ mantra, each room was designed to entice your emotional side, pairing guests with rooms based on the guest’s mood. The blue room is for tranquility, green for rejuvenation, red for passion and yellow for happiness, which everyone could use.


Executive Managing Director David Miskit wanted to continue the creative culture of St. Louis and offer curated social experiences at the Angad Arts Hotel. “We want to keep reminding people what a rich trove of talent St. Louis offers, and how much of that talent is concentrated in our backyard,” he said in a press release.


blue mood
Blue Double Queen Room – Photo Courtesy of Alise OBrien, Angad Arts Hotel


green room
Green Two Bedroom Suite – Photo Courtesy of Alise OBrien, Angad Arts Hotel


Yellow Loft Suite – Photo Courtesy of Alise OBrien, Angad Arts Hotel


Located in the hotel’s lobby,  the Angad Playroom lounge features a 12-foot interchangeable Chameleon Lamp, decked out in gold and white trimmings. Some other pleasurable amenities also include their Rainbow Terrace rooftop bar, a library, 24-hour room service, a musically inclined purple room filled with entertainment (board games) and instruments for guest use.


Photo Courtesy of Angad Arts Hotel


Dine at Grand Tavern, renowned New York chef David Burke’s debut restaurant. His menu puts a twist on local St. Louis cuisines and features his famous clothesline bacon and pastrami salmon.


Formerly known as the Missouri Theater, this hotel has 146 uniquely designed rooms, featuring 38 suites and 25 extended stays. Through March 31, some rooms offer introductory specials such as the “Red Hot Rate,” as low as $95. Prices are expected to reach the low $200s per night, according to co-developer Steve Smith.


Angad Arts Hotel is currently accepting reservations and booking can take place at