From September 1st to September 8th, Amtrak’s fall sale will bring 50% off coach and Acela business class tickets.

When booking tickets during this time frame, make sure you schedule the trip between September 8th and November 18th to earn the discounted price. Three-day advanced tickets are required to be eligible for Amtrak’s fall sale, and there will be no fees added on through January 4, 2022.

Whether you are planning to travel from Seattle to Los Angeles roundtrip or New York to Boston; west and east coast train rides are discounted if ordering Acela business class or coach. No upgrades for the seats are available if a passenger is looking to take advantage of the fall flash sale.

The train fares range from $17 to $63 depending on the scenic route you take during your seasonal excursion.

More Amtrak routes are being added since train transportation is seemingly becoming more popular for those looking to take a comfortable ride cross-country. The Red Rockies route that was added in Utah recently, highlights natural landmarks in the United States and the routes that are 50% off can offer just as great scenery.

The landscapes that Amtrak trains pass by include various coastal states of the US and even the Midwest’s most remarkable untouched terrain.

The National Fall Flash Sale is underway during Labor Day weekend, and riders can begin using their discounted ticket fares on September 8th.

For more than a month of cheaper train travel, excited riders can take a magical journey across the United States avoiding traffic and congestion by riding through the remote land in the United States. The train’s Coach and Acels Business Class services are offered in all routes except the “Auto Train, Keystone Service, and Pennsylvanian locally between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh (including through traffic) and 7000-8999 Thruway.”

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