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American Airlines Flight Attendants Revive 25-Year-Old Strike With Protest

By Rachel George


Flight attendants for American Airlines have revived a strike once again in 15 major airports across the United States, during the busy holiday season.


According to a press release by the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA), flight attendants are protesting “oppressive work schedules, failed scheduling systems, punitive sick policy, toxic workplace, contract and seniority violations.”


APFA President Lori Bassani can’t believe they are still fighting for simple things such as fair and equal work conditions. They are still fighting the same fight from twenty-five years ago. On November 18th in 1993, flight attendants went on strike for five days.


The protest takes place worldwide in: San Francisco, Phoenix, St. Louis, Charlotte, Miami, Raleigh-Durham, Pittsburgh, Boston, New York, Dallas, Washington, D.C., and Chicago.


An American Airlines spokesman praised the flight team before pledging to continue to work with the APFA, prioritizing the needs of 27,000 attendants in a statement. “We have an outstanding flight attendant team that takes terrific care of our customers on every flight. There has been a tremendous amount of change for our team, and we respect their right to voice their opinion.”


The protest will take place from 11am-11am, not intended to interrupt any flight schedule.


Other anticipated supporters include pilots of AA, according to Chicago Biz Journal.


It is more of an informational picketing rather than an actual strike.

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