Oh, cause we thought a “competitive fishing is only for men” person said something! This all-Black women’s team out of North Carolina is definitely showing us how it’s done.

The team known as The Ebony Anglers, is made up of five professional women who juggle careers, family and motherhood, while also looking amazing during their fishing competitions.

Most recently, they entered and competed in the King Mackerel division of Carteret Community College Foundation’s Spanish Mackerel & Dolphin Tournament in Morehead City, North Carolina on the weekend of July 17-18.

The women were able to reel in a 48-pound King Mackerel. Wow! The catch earned them an award from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.


The idea to form this historic team came from one of its members, Gia Peebles, after attending a competition and realizing there was no one there who looked like her.

“When I saw women of all ages coming from their fishing boats with fish and winning prizes, I noticed that there were no women of color competing,” Peebles said in a statement. “I said to myself, ‘We can do this. I already know accomplished women who are leaders and know how to win in other aspects of their lives. We can do this.'”

In addition to changing the look of competitive fishers, the women are also setting out to mentor and educate younger generations on the sport as well. Through their initiatives, Black Girls Fish and Black Boys Boat, the women are hoping to inspire young Black and brown children to appreciate the outdoors through fishing and boating.


To see when the team will compete next, or to learn more about their educational programs, you can visit the website: www.ebonyanglers.com. You can also follow them on Instagram: @ebonyanglers.