Layovers can be more than grabbing a cup of coffee and having an overpriced meal on your way to the next gate. There are a few airlines that offer travelers the opportunity to extend their layovers up to seven days at no extra charge. Now, you’ll have a reason to make a pit stop in a city while you’re on your way to your final destination.



Iceland is a must-visit destination, and Icelandair wants you to see what the Nordic country has to offer. You can opt for an up to seven-day layover in Reykjavik. Their website gives you the option to select how many days you’d like to extend your layover and then allows you to book the rest of your itinerary at no extra charge. Flying out of 36 U.S. cities and 32 European destinations will make it easy to add this capital city to your itinerary.



Dubai is in a great place to add to your stopover travels because of the airport’s location near the city center. If your home airport has Emirates as an option, take advantage of their long layovers. If you’re itching to check out world’s largest mall or the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, the airlines has a host of stopover packages.


Singapore Airlines

Singapore’s Changi Airport is often said to be the best airport in the world. With its free movie theater and butterfly garden, you may want to relax at the airport. But if you’re ready to get to know a new city, a stopover is also an option, starting at just $40 a person.


Air Canada

Want to make a stop to explore cities like Montréal, Toronto or Vancouver? Air Canada is another airline that offers extended layover options at no extra charge to your airfare when traveling to Asia and Europe.



If you’re traveling to Europe, unless you’ve hit the jackpot and found a direct flight you’ll likely spend a little time in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. KLM offers stopover options so you can take the day (or a week) to explore Amsterdam, courtesy of our travel guide.