Airlines must be in the Christmas spirit. On the brink of a major winter storm, airlines are waiving fees for passengers who need to change flights.


Waiving fees is truly a gift. When inclement weather occurs, airlines are known for charging an arm and leg just for travelers to get from point A to point B, which isn’t fair since the weather is obviously not their fault. These waivers are saving passengers hundreds of dollars since customers are allowed to make one change to their itineraries. Travelers from Kansas all the way to Michigan will be most impacted by the storm. On the year’s busiest travel days, the storm is set to affect over 54 million travelers.


There are some stipulations, given that each airline has its own rules. American Airlines is offering waivers for customers in certain Midwest areas traveling through today. They have to rebook their flights no later than November 30. Delta Airlines is giving the same offer but ask their customers to book by November 29. For Frontier Airlines, you need to be stuck in a specific spot. If you’re flying out of Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin, Nebraska or Kansas, you’re in luck. Fees are waived if you travel by December 10.


While Spirit Airlines doesn’t have the best reputation, people are still traveling with them and they also feel bad about travelers being stuck. Customers in Chicago and Kansas City, Missouri airports, you have until November 29 to rebook your flights if you were originally traveling on November 25 or 26. United customers in several Midwest regions are good to go if they were traveling on November 24 through 26. They’ve asked flyers to rebook by November 30. Lastly, Southwest Airlines customers out of Chicago Midway, Des Moines, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Omaha, and Wichita, Kansas must rebook flights within 14 if their original ticket is dated November 24 through 26.