When we first introduced you to Princess Shantell Pooser, she was living out her dream of being a flight attendant for a day.The now 17-year old suffers from a host of serious illnesses that include inoperable airway defects, her stomach being in her chest less than an inch from her heart, as well as Down’s syndrome. 

Today, Shantell is undergoing a surgery that doctors say has only a 10% survival rate. Her mother is still hopeful stating, “10 percent still means there is a fighting chance.”

Photo courtesy of American Airlines

In 2016, she and her mom Deanna began frequently flying on American Airlines to get to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital so that Shantel could undergo various surgeries. The airline took notice and allowed her to sit in the cockpit and take photos. They then stepped it up by reserving an entire plane for Shantel and her friends when they learned of her dream to be a flight attendant.

Now, two years later the airline has stepped in to ensure that the teen receives treatment fit for a queen.

In preparation for her life-changing surgery, American Airlines created a special flight route that took her and her family from Colombia, South Carolina to Cincinnati where the surgery is taking place.

Photo courtesy of American Airlines

The route traveled through 3 different cities where there were parties at each gate to show the teen how much she is loved. The journey started in Colombia where flight crew and gate agents serenaded Shantell with piano playing and VIP treatment. The big surprise was that the aircraft was named “Princess Shannie’s PSA Jet” for the day.

Next was Charlotte, where her plane arrived to a military-style water cannon salute and a red carpet. Finally, for her final stop in Cincinnati, she was met by Cinderella on the runway, her wheelchair was decorated with a beautiful balloon arch, and she was presented with tons of gifts.

As Shantell undergoes her surgery today, let’s all send up a prayer or some positive vibes into the universe on her behalf.