Safcoin is now international. According to, the African cryptocurrency is now listed on P2PB2B and Catex, making it the first African Pow Scrypt Algorithm cryptocurrency on international exchanges. It’s introduction to these crypto exchanges comes after Baobab Insights named the crypto coinamong their Top 140 Fintech to watch.

Created in 2018 by three South African entrepreneurs, Safcoin, commonly referred to as Africa’s pride, aims to be a pioneering crypto coin and innovator in the African crypto and e-commerce world and beyond.

Plans for the coin include boosting trade and crypto adoption, allowing users to shop and pay for items across Africa with Safcoin and Bitcoin on its very own e-commerce market.

Cryptocurrencies also make it easier for people to trade outside their local economies and perform transactions overseas. The expansion will increase Safcoin’s market liquidity and decentralization, making it a more trustworthy cryptocurrency.

Neil Ferreira, one of the founders of Safcoin, is confident that crypto and e-commerce together will be a superior digital payment solution in Africa that will have a positive impact on the Continent.

“Combining crypto and e-commerce is a very powerful duo,” said Ferreira, “a solution to so many problems in the digital payment environment across Africa. More shoppers are now able to support local African sellers in neighboring African countries with cross-border payments being secure and instant using the Safcoin Mobile Wallet.”

The core of the crypto coin’s system, The Safcoin Mobile Wallet, allows users to be synced across all platforms in the crypto coin’s eco-system. Other services in the Safcoin portfolio include the SafPay Payment Gateway, the international shopping platform, the freelance marketplace, and Safcoin Rewards, which connects both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce African businesses to customers across the globe.

The groundbreaking entry of Safcoin into international markets is sure to increase its recognition and lead to additional growth and expansion on a global scale.

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