You may be looking ahead past the social distancing, travel bans, and self-isolation to where you will travel next. Based on trends from the past three years, there is a list of under-the-radar travel destinations that are quickly growing in popularity.   

According to the latest data from the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), here are the top 15 countries that had the largest percentage increase in international arrival growth between 2017 and 2018. Check out the list for some travel inspiration.

15. Albania (+15%)

Albania is a southeastern European country known for its stunning beaches, ancient ruins, well-preserved UNESCO-listed Ottoman towns (like Berat and Gjirokastra) and majestic mountainous scenery.

14. South Korea (+15.1%)

South Korea offers a great contrast between ancient temples and modern architecture that seems to be intriguing travelers to explore this fascinating country.

South Korea | Pakawat Thongcharoen | Getty Images

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13. Laos (+15.8%)

This southeastern Asian country is a favorite amongst backpackers for its remote jungles, gorgeous scenery, and affordability.

12. Guyana (+15.9%)

Located in South America, Guyana is often overlooked by travelers. But the country offers a blend of indigenous, Caribbean, and European culture, historic buildings, and lush rainforests that are home to a diverse wildlife population.

11. Georgia (+16.9%)

Located between Europe and Asia, Georgia is a country that has breathtaking landscapes, ancient architecture, and a fascinating mix of cultural influences.

10. Vietnam (+19.9%)

Cities such as Hoi Chi Minh City and Hanoi, entice travelers with their majestic temples, ancient relics, and colorful food markets.

Vietnam | Pathompat Meelarp | Getty Images

9. Palestine (+20.5%)

Its history of conflict may turn visitors away, but others are taking notice of this country’s deeply fascinating and rich historical, religious, and cultural heritage.

8. Turkey (+21.7%)

With cultural connections to ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires, Turkey is a popular country that it’s steeped in history. 

7. Nepal (+24.8%)

Nepal has rebounded after its devastating earthquake in 2015 and tourists are starting to return for a glimpse of its extreme beauty, which is highlighted by the awe-inspiring Himalayas.

6. Comoros (+28.2%)

Little-known Comoros is a cluster of three islands, located in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Mozambique. According to, Top attractions include hiking to the summit of Mount Karthala, an active volcano on Grande Comore, and the beaches on the island of Mohéli (Sambadjou and Nioumachoua are particularly stunning).

5. Uganda (+31.9%)

Uganda is an East African country known for being home to more than half the world’s population of the endangered and endlessly fascinating creatures, along with over 120 species of mammals and birds.

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4. Egypt (+36.8%)

Egypt is bounding back after years of turmoil and violence and tourists are flocking to this African country to experience its history, culture, and beauty.

Egypt | Harald Nachtmann | Getty Images

3. Iran (+49.9%)

“With monuments that date back millennia, ancient holy sites from many religions, opulent palaces, bustling bazaars and landscapes of otherworldly beauty, it’s no wonder its tourism numbers rose a huge 49.9%”, says

2. Ecuador (+51%)

Outdoor enthusiasts are flocking to Ecuador for a glimpse of Incan ruins, wildlife, and tropical forests. With recent political unrest, be sure to check for advisories before booking any travel.

1. Tajikistan (+190.1%)

Located in central Asia between Afghanistan and China, Tajikistan tops the list with a 190.1% increase in international arrivals. Many are drawn to its remote mountains, adrenaline-inducing roads, and ancient towns.