From Carnival in Brazil to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, February gives us plenty of reasons to travel during the chilly month. But if you’ve found that you haven’t made travel plans for this month and want to go on a cheap-ish, quick getaway before March rolls around and the spring travel season gets underway, you’re in luck! Here are three international destinations where you should head ASAP before February comes to a close. While these trips can’t be done on a tight budget, they’re still more affordable than you’d think, and you could leave next week!


Berlin is a big city in Europe, so don’t expect accommodations to be dirt cheap, but with round-trip flights to the German city going for less than $600 from L.A. and New York and less than $500 from Chicago, you could be having a Hefeweizen in a bar with new friends this time next week. The art scene and architecture alone are worth the trip.


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February is a great time to eat your way through Singapore since monsoon season is over and it’s right before the country’s peak travel season begins. Hotels are pricey, but they’re cheaper than they will be a few months from now, and though flights are between $700 and $800 from major cities like Los Angeles, Houston and New York, it’s still far less than the common $1,000+ fares. The good news? Singapore is all about the food, which is plentiful and a bargain.



Canada is obviously cold in February, but flights to Vancouver from just about everywhere in the US are between $200-$350 right now. There are tons of fun bars, restaurants, shopping and museums to enjoy while you dip in and out of the cold, and hotels are cheaper because its currently the offseason.