When most people hear Oregon, they either think about one of the Northwest’s foodie paradises— Portland— or they think about the lush natural landscapes across the state. But, few tend to equate Oregon to its beautiful coast. Yes, Oregon’s coast deserves to be in the conversation of travel bucket list items.

If you enjoy tranquil beach views, this is definitely a place for you. But beyond that, we also wanted to put you on to a few other reasons why Oregon’s coast— specifically Pacific City— should be among your travel plans.

There's a ghost forest

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

Sure, this sounds a bit creepy, but hear us out. The Neskowin ghost forest— about 15 minutes from Pacific City— is said to be an old forest that was wiped out by the ocean. Now, all that remains are odd shaped tree stumps— which no longer look like stumps— scattered across the shore.

Locals will often tell the story of how decades ago, people thought the stumps were actually military people crouched down on the sand, to hide from enemy troops. But it was later discovered to simply be these broken stumps.

The stumps have been taken over by various types of sea life including mussels, sea urchins, and an occasional starfish.

Headlands Lodge and Spa...that's it, that's the caption

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

What’s better than tranquil beach views? Tranquil beach views taken in from the comfort of your lush hotel accommodations. Can you say unplugging on 1,000?!

Headlands Coastal Lodge and Spa is one of several properties on the coast, but if you ask, many will say it’s the best.

This 3-story property features a restaurant, spa, plunge pool on the spa deck, and soaker tubs in the rooms that face the ocean.

Some of the region's freshest seafood.

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

Seafood lovers, this is for you! If you love mussels, oysters, and other fresh catches, Oregon’s coast offers it all.

While mussels and oysters are most popular, you can also find a variety of fish and shrimp on most of the area’s menus.

For the true seafood aficionados, Headlands also offers oyster shucking classes for guests.