Looks like its going to be a white Halloween. With less than one week until this scary holiday, most celebrations in the Northeast will be dripping wet and cold.


Starting this weekend, New York can expect heavy winds and rain, with expected snow in New England and Appalachia, according to Accuweather.


Temperatures in the northeast will range between 10-15 degrees below normal, with widespread clouds and stormy winds, dropping to the early teens. These heavy rainstorms come as a result of gigantic Hurricane Willa, bringing heavy snow conditions.


The last time snow impacted Halloween on the northeast was in 1991, becoming known as the “Halloween Blizzard” and the “Halloween Ice Storm” in parts of Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. They received over two inches of rain, sleet, and snow and two-three inches of ice. The weather conditions left thousands without power. Snow hit the Upper Midwest to the Northeast for the first time this past autumn.


A mild storm mixed with chilly weather could acquire enough strength for a severe snowstorm in the central and northern parts of New England from Tuesday night to early Wednesday. Steady snow will most likely hit northern and central parts of Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and northeast New York, while a small amount will hit the southern parts.


Heavy snow could potentially come from northern Maine to northwest New Brunswick, accumulating snow on the roads. According to Travel and Leisure, the strength of the snowstorm may cause sporadic power outages.


Fans are also concerned the storm could potentially impact Boston, where the first game of the World Series takes place.