$99 Luxury Bus Between New York And Washington, DC Serves Free Alcohol
Photo Credit: The Jet | Facebook

Photo Credit: The Jet | Facebook

$99 Luxury Bus Between New York And Washington, DC Serves Free Alcohol

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Jan 18, 2022

For many people, traveling by bus can be uncomfortable, and they try to avoid it at all costs. But if you can find a luxury bus with first-class amenities, would you change your mind?

Meet The Jet, a luxury bus startup looking to provide a highly comfortable experience for its passengers—accounting for every detail of a guest’s journey through technology-forward solutions, thoughtful design, and free alcohol.

Tickets start at just $99 one-way, and the bus has direct service between New York and Washington, D.C.

Unlike Greyhound, the Jet provides comfortable seats, in-ride treats, and fast Wi-Fi, among other bonuses. It’s more expensive, but the company is vetting riders who can afford to pay for the luxury and exclusivity.

The seats use a suspension technology developed by Bose to block 90% of the bus ride’s uncomfortable bumps and movements.

“New York City to Washington, D.C. is the premier travel market in North America, yet our mass transit options have been stale for decades,” said Chad Scarborough, Founder & CEO. “The Jet is looking to change that.”

The Jet’s initial fleet will consist of four, fully-customized 45-foot motorcoaches.

As Insider reports, Scarborough— a native New Yorker who has lived in Washington, D.C. for most of his career— first had the idea for a luxury bus when he was stuck on a painful intercity bus ride years ago.

“I’ve done this trip hundreds of times and often thought there had to be a better way from both a comfort and cost perspective,” he explained. “With The Jet, we rethought the experience entirely, combining the luxury environment of a private jet with the convenience of a motorcoach. And at $99, it’s a first-class experience most of us couldn’t otherwise afford.”

Guests can purchase tickets for The Jet through its website, with multiple daily departures scheduled to provide ease-of-travel and minimal congestion.

The Jet’s pickup and departure points in Hudson Yards and Metro Center both offer easy subway/metro access and a safe environment far from other usually congested hubs. The company plans to launch an app in early 2022.

“We’ve created a better way to travel, and we’re excited for passengers to give it a try. We’re different [from] any other form of travel, like a new affordable first-class option,” Scarborough said. “I think FlixBus is an exciting company, and it’ll be interesting to see what they do with Greyhound, but I don’t think it affects us at all.”

Currently, the Jet only has two departure times from New York— 11 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. The brand is also now enforcing a vaccine mandate.

Throughout the bus ride, an attendant will come through offering a selection of complimentary snacks, water, wine, beer, coffee, and soda. There’s also a bathroom at the rear of the bus with the basics: a toilet, sink, mirror, and hand sanitizer.

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