9 Perks Of Traveling Off-Season
Photo Credit: Drazen_

Photo Credit: Drazen_

9 Perks Of Traveling Off-Season

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Maggie J.
Maggie J. Feb 22, 2022

Traveling off-season may not be on the top of everyone’s 2022 bucket list. Why visit Florida in the winter instead of for spring break? Why go to a mountain town in the summer when there isn’t any snow for skiing? You may think it just doesn’t seem like it would be any fun. Ah, but it is! The biggest and most obvious reason is that there are going to be less people.

Start planning a road trip, or a flight for an off-peak vacation. You will quickly see the benefits of off-season travel.

Cheaper prices are also a top perk. Yet, there are plenty of other reasons to go. Solidarity, new activities, and time with locals top TN’s list of nine benefits of traveling off-season.

1. Store Sales

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This is probably my biggest reason for traveling during off season. The sales at some of the stores during the transition between seasons is amazing. Skis, clothes, accessories, and art are on sale, sometimes at clearance prices.

2. Lower Restaurant Prices


Expect lower prices and different menu options at restaurants during off season. The catch of the day can vary greatly between winter and summer months.

3. Better Pampering


I feel much more pampered when I am one of the only people at a hotel spa. Extra time is given to my problem areas. The saunas are empty and no one comes in to bother you. There are occasionally winter package deals too, so you get better (and more) pampering for the price.

4. Unique Activities


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If you go to the mountains in the summertime, you may not find any snow on the ground. So, skiing is out.

That’s okay though, because there are plenty of different activities to do in the mountains when there isn’t any snow. Some of us even get excited at the prospect of summer!

Instead of skiing in Winter Park during the summer months, there’s a big mountain biking crowd. Maybe different fish will be in season, so you can catch something unique. Activities don’t end just because high season is; they just change.

5. More Time With Locals


Spend quality time with locals when they aren’t swamped with demanding tourists, low inventory, and tardy employees.

People move much slower in tourist towns during off season. Just give them a couple of weeks to get rested and to get into the lull of off season. Then, visit their shops, restaurants, and attractions and hang out. You’ll probably even be invited to local hangouts. It’s worked for me!

Hint: Check out Greece in September.

6. Hotel Package Deals

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Deals on U.S. hotel packages are not going to be easy to get this spring break. Try booking abroad to destinations like Barbados, Puerto Rico or Aruba at this time. Or wait until early May. After spring break is over and before school’s out, is a much better time to go.

7. Better Pictures To Share

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Less people directly correlates to better social media images and videos. Going to the Brooklyn bridge at sunset during the summer, it is SO crowded. Try going the week after school starts and you’ll see a huge drop in the crowds.

8. Less Wait Time


Another top perk of traveling off season is that there is less waiting in line. Often, there is no line at all. This gives us the option to be spontaneous.

You can sometimes even just show up to town without any reservations whatsoever. No hotel? No problem. Just walk in and ask them for their lowest available rate. Bam, you’re booked!

9. Lower Cost On Luxury


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Off-season prices on luxury travel can sometimes be as much as 70% lower than peak season prices in some places. I’ve scored an $800 hotel room for $200 in the off season. It was likely the best deal I’ve ever scored for myself. I had the hotel almost all to myself, too.

I called the pool attendants before leaving the room to come meet me at the heated, rooftop, saltwater pool (and hot tub). They opened it and left me to my own devices. I didn’t see another soul the entire time I was up there. Exclusion and luxury at off-season prices. I was beside myself.

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