It’s always a good time to revisit that travel bucket list. If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, here are 7 experiences that will awaken your inner explorer. 

Trek Through Patagonia

Patagonia stretches through Chile and Argentina. There are many routes to take to explore the rugged landscape of Patagonia, but starting in one of its two national parks: the Torres del Paine in Chile or Argentina’s Los Glaciares is a perfect place to start. Trek along sapphire colored lakes and active glaciers while experiences one of the most overwhelmingly breathtaking views in the world. 

Patagonia | Diego Jimenez | Unsplash

Experience Petra, Jordan

According to, Petra is “situated between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea and inhabited since prehistoric times, the rock-cut capital city of the Nabateans, became during Hellenistic and Roman times a major caravan centre for the incense of Arabia, the silks of China and the spices of India, a crossroads between Arabia, Egypt and Syria-Phoenicia. Petra is half-built, half-carved into the rock, and is surrounded by mountains riddled with passages and gorges.”  Petra is one of the world’s most famous archaeological sites and a truly remarkable place to witness.

Petra, Jordan | Andrea Leopardi | Unsplash

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Dance in the Faroe Islands, Denmark

From legends of a Seal Woman to a culture of musical storytelling, the Faroe Islands are just as magical as they are beautiful. The 18 islands that make up the Faroe Islands is about 6,500 smaller than the USA, and their population 28,000 times smaller than China’s. They may be small, but the mountainous, rugged landscape is otherworldly. Small picturesque villages sit among dramatic mountains and the ocean giving you a sense of relaxation and inner peace.

Faroe Islands | Marc Zimmer | Unsplash

Explore the Son Doong Cave, Vietnam 

Son Doong Cave, the largest cave in the world, is located in the heart of the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh province of Central Vietnam and is between 400-450 million years old. The cave has only been open to the public since 2013 and entrance requires a guided tour by an expert. This incredible cave will put you in the middle of a Lord of the Rings movie with dramatic views from every angle. 

Son Doong Cave | Geng Xu | Getty Images

Touch the Ancient Desert of Namibia

Some say that visiting the desert is a spiritual experience. The Namib, at 55 million years old, is the world’s most ancient desert, as well as being one of the driest. Sossusvlei is one of the most visited destinations in the Namib-Naukluft National Park, but visitors can also enjoy hot air balloon rides, quad biking, desert hikes, paragliding, and sand boarding through the ancient sand dunes. 

Namibia | Sander Wehkamp | Unsplash

Drive Iceland’s Ring Road

Ring Road is the longest road in Iceland. Along this 800-mile long circular highway from Reykjavík to Reykjavík, you’ll see the entire Icelandic countryside, from volcanoes to glaciers, and from charming seafront villages to jagged, lonesome fjords. It can take about a week to enjoy the entire route, but it’s worth it for those looking for adventure and some of the most exquisite landscapes in the world. 

Ring Road | Shane WP Wongperk | Getty Images

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Float in the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest point in the world at 1,412 feet below sea level as well as one of the saltiest bodies of water on the planet.  Its hyper-salty waters and mineral-rich mud are known for their many health benefits as well as spiritual experiences that draw tourists from all over the world. The fun part? Due to the abundance of salt, the minute your feet and legs are in the water you feel as if they are being pushed up, and as you go deeper you feel your body become lighter and more buoyant. This experience offers total relaxation and some even say inner peace.

Dead Sea | Ilan Shacham | Getty Images