There are folks among us who thrive on the adrenaline rush and don’t know what fear is. They walk on the wild side and flirt with danger. The strange sensation of the heart plummeting to the stomach, which would terrify many people, is alluring. If you’re looking to incorporate skydiving into your next vacation, there’s no shortage of options to do it safely.

Why would somebody want to skydive, anyway?

Well, they could be doing it for a birthday, an anniversary, or maybe they want to celebrate the ink drying on those long sought after divorce papers. Whatever the reason, be sure to do thorough research before deciding which skydiving company will oversee your adventure. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions about prices, procedure, and safety protocol as you need to. Let’s be real, if something goes awry, you want to be doubly sure that you’re in capable, professional, and licensed hands.

Ready to jump out of a plane? Here are seven destinations to do it.

1. Dubai

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It makes sense that a city associated with opulence would have great skydiving, since it offers just about everything else.

Recently, Will Smith went to Dubai for his 50th birthday, which was featured in Will Smith’s Bucket List, a series that aired on Facebook Watch. He said that the skydiving experience taught him a great deal about fear and how to conquer it.

Skydive Dubai coordinates tandem skydives either at the Palm Dropzone or the Desert Dropzone. The package includes photos and videos of your experience, which are sent to you within a few days.

Be sure to share them on social media in case anybody wants to doubt that you, quite literally, took the plunge.







2. New Zealand

Photo by Tim Grundtner

Skydiving enthusiasts often gush about how much fun it is to jump out of a plane in New Zealand.

Part of what makes this destination so alluring is its majestic landscape; the snow capped mountains, lakes and beyond.

According to 100% Pure New Zealand, “Lake Taupo has the largest commercial drop zone in the world, and stunning views of volcanoes, forests and the lake itself.”

In Queenstown, known as “the adventure capital of the world,” you can “free-fall 4,000 meters above Lake Wakatipu until your instructor deploys the parachute.”

Daredevils rejoice, this is the best place to be!




3. Switzerland

Photo Courtesy of Theresa Morgan

Ever wanted to enjoy an uninterrupted, aerial view of the Swiss Alps? Here’s your chance. This is an incredible activity to cross off your bucket list!

Skydive Switzerland, which coins the hashtag #jumpthealps, can arrange for you to jump from a plane at 13,000 feet with an instructor.

The flight time is 15 minutes, the free fall time 45 seconds, and the canopy (or parachute) time  is 6 minutes.

Whether you go in the summer or the winter, you’ll get that rush of fresh air to your face and have a fantastic time.



4. South Africa

Photo by Kamil Pietrzak

If you’re a newbie, Skydive Cape Town offers introductory tandem skydives, allowing for amazing views of Cape Town, The West Coast, Robben Island, and Table Mountain.

You’re encouraged to wear loose, comfortable clothes, and you must be in decent overall health. You’ll be weighed prior to boarding the plane- there is a strict 220 pound maximum weight enforced without exception.





5. Texas

Photo Courtesy of Woodbury Roland

Don’t feel like leaving The United States to get your thrill on?

Check out Skydive Spaceland, offering some of the best skydiving in Texas. A family company, there are other branches in Georgia and Florida.

After a brief class explaining exactly what’s about to happen, you’ll be harnessed to an instructor, and jump out of a plane at 14,000 feet.

Freefall at about 120 mph, activate the parachute and land elegantly on your feet.


6. California

Photo by Maria Kraynova

In California, Skydive Monterey Bay boasts having the fastest jump plane, the Super King 200, which shoots 18,000 feet into the air in ten minutes.

You’ll be treated to one of a kind views of San Francisco, Santa Cruz, San Jose and the “valleys and coastlines of Monterey Bay.”

The company’s FAQ page addresses a commonly asked question: “is skydiving dangerous?” with the following answer: “tandem skydiving is one of the safest action sports, with more than 500,000 Americans safely jumping every year.”


7. Hawaii

Photo Courtesy of Roberto Nickson

If you’re heading to Hawaii, Skydive Hawaii has “the largest skydiving facility in the state.” They take pride in their friendly staff, including a team of experienced instructors who will help ease the “first jump” nerves you’re bound to have.

You’ll be able to watch other skydivers to give yourself that shot of courage. You can also watch yourself jump when you’ve finished, courtesy of the state of the art media room.