Planning that next trip always fills people with excitement, but despite all the joy, we can find ourselves feeling a bit stressed out when it comes time to put all of our plans into action. Here are seven apps that can help make planning and jumping over travel hurdles a little easier.


If you’re an anxious flyer or find yourself stressed out from travel woes out of your control, Headspace has hundreds of guided meditations that can help bring your stress and anxiety levels down.


Families have their own set of travel roadblocks and finding a place to breastfeed shouldn’t be one of them. Thanks to Mamava, their app has taken the guesswork out of finding a place to pump or nurse. With their app, you can plan ahead or just turn on your Bluetooth when you arrive at the airport to find private areas fit for you and your family.


With LoungeBuddy, airport lounges are only reserved for those with elite status. Their app helps travelers find a lounge that is right for them in airports around the world. You select your airport, search the lounge details, and book your time in the lounge.

Google Flights

Most well-versed travelers are already using Google Flights to find the best flight deals across the web, but app access makes it easy for you to discover those same great flight deals on the run.

Airline Apps

Don’t forget to download your airline apps before you check-in for your flight. The Fly Delta app updates your flight information in real-time from gate changes to delay information, and you can keep your digital boarding passes all in one place.

Hotel Tonight

Finding a last minute hotel can be stressful for even the most seasoned traveler, but Hotel Tonight scouts the best deals last minute deals in cities around the world. The great thing about the app is that you can see previous guest reviews and the app breaks rooms down from Basic to Highroller. Before you book with the app, be sure to make sure they don’t mention any resort fees in the fine print since some of their hotel options do charge a fee when you check-in to the hotel.


Roadtrippers, we wouldn’t leave you out. Mapping out stops for road trips can be a challenge when you don’t know much about the highways you’re driving, but iExit has created a one-stop app for helping road warriors find gas, Starbucks, places to grab a bite, and campgrounds across the United States.