Children are [often] those broke and expensive best friends that add so much spice and excitement to life. 

With that being said,  there are some destinations that are physically challenging, too expensive, and sometimes too far away to tackle with children.

The Travel Channel has compiled a list of destinations that travelers should consider before having kids that will lead to amazing stories to pass down to the next generation.

The Maldives

Waiting until your future children all grown could mean that you may miss your chance. The nation of 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean is drowning under rising sea levels, according to the Travel Channel. 

Photo courtesy of Conrad Maldives

Disney World

Surprised to see this family destination made the list?  Don’t be. 

Travel Channel travel experts recommend enjoying the park without strollers and backpacks, the rides before your future children are denied due to height requirements, and sample cocktails from around the world at Epcot.

Italy’s Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a beautiful yet pricey destination that may not be child-friendly with steep cliffs rising out of the Mediterranean coastline. 

New Orleans

New Orleans’ unique culture and vibrant nightlife is where travelers can indulge in their “inner adult,” according to the Travel Channel. You’ll definitely have a lot more fun sipping hand grenades on Bourbon St. without the kiddos.


Cambodia has a rich spiritual tradition and a painful recent history, from land mines to the Killing Fields, that are probably too disturbing for children.

Adults who make their way across the Southeast Asian country from Phnom Penh to Angkor Wat will have access to gorgeous scenery, ancient temples, and friendly people.

Morocco Beyond Marrakech

Visiting Morocco will change your view of the world, however many travelers consider the North African country too challenging, physically and logistically to manage with kids, according to the Travel Channel.

Visitors should hire a guide and be sure to tour the sites outside of Marrakech, including to Berber villages and Fez.