It’s no surprise that the continent of Asia is home to some of the world’s most affordable travel destinations. Whether you’re staying at an inexpensive hostel in beautiful Bali or getting your fill of street food for next to nothing in Thailand, Asia is a great destination for the budget traveler.

What many don’t know, is that Asia is also home to some pretty unique experiences that you may not necessarily find back home.

Check out this list of 5 must-try experiences in and around the continent of Asia.t

Temper Clinic

What better way to relieve stress and let off steam than by smashing things. Yes, there’s an actual place that will let you come in and smash everything from fine China to old computers and printers. This experience can be found in Jakarta, Indonesia. Be sure to make a reservation before you go.

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This one is for mature audiences only. This “theme park” is dedicated to all things sex. What makes it more ironic is that Korea can be a pretty conservative place. Typically women are expected to keep their shoulders and chest covered at all times. However, guests who enter this park can get up close and personal with giant sculptures of various parts of our human anatomy. You will find Loveland on Jeju Island, a short plane ride away from mainland South Korea.

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Yes, it’s exactly what you think. You can officially relive your favorite childhood Nintendo classic, Mario Kart. Race through the streets of Tokyo while dressed as Mario, the Princess, or any other character you choose. You will need an international driving permit to participate, but they’re very easy to get through AAA. Just do it before you head to Japan.

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Erotic Garden and Teahouse

Similar to Korea’s Loveland, this adults-only experience pays homage to our unmentionables in the most serene way possible. After you’re done exploring the grounds outside, head inside for a little afternoon tea.

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Adult Ball Pit Bars

You may be thinking, that doesn’t even make sense. But it’s really a thing. I was able to experience two in Asia: one in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and one in Seoul, South Korea. The KL bar is located in the popular entertainment venue, TREC. The way it works, you buy a flavored shot at the ticket window (around $2), take said shot, then you are given entry to jump into the ball pit. Once inside you can order more shots if you want.

The South Korea location is a little fancier. It’s inside of the Urban Space restaurant. You have to order a full cocktail before being able to get into the actual pit.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor