The season when the leaves turn beautiful shades of orange and red, and we pull out our cozy knits to hit the streets, is finally upon us.

Fall is a great season to travel and experience something new. It’s a new season that opens us up to a fresh start.

With summer being a thing of the past, gone are the super high peak travel prices and crowded areas. Traveling in autumn is charming and cost-friendly. So, if you need a nudge to book fall travel plans, check out these destinations:

Namib Desert, Namibia

A five-star property recently opened in August named Sonop Namibia. The property is intended to give off the same vibe as an explorer’s camp from the 1920s.

This October andBeyond Sossusvlei reopens after going through almost a year of renovations. The suites at this property are solar-powered, making it an eco-friendly accommodation.

The Namib Desert has some of the best stargazing in the world. Visit the International Dark Sky Reserve and see for yourself.

You’ll also be able to spot wildlife like cheetah and hyenas.

Setouchi Islands, Japan

Fall in Soutouchi Islands means it’s time to attend the Setouchi Art Triennale. This festival happens every three years on the island also referred to as the “art islands” and features works by 150 international artists. The festival runs from September 29 to October 4.

Visit the Setouchi Art Triennale and you’ll see art literally everywhere: abandoned homes, along the coast, across all 12 islands and even in the fields!

Florence, Italy

Italy is definitely a tourist hot-spot during the summer. Fall travel here is perfect because you’ll get to interact with locals more.

Florence is a beautiful city to check out medieval architecture, cathedrals, and museums. This city is also a foodie’s paradise. Enjoy amazing pasta, pizza, coffee, and gelato all while walking through the romantic streets.

Smoky Mountains, NC

If you’re not keen on international travel this season, head to the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. The mountain range is stunning and fall colors will take your breath away.

You can hike or drive to the higher elevations for a better view of the mountain range. The Smoky Mountains has over 100 species of trees ranging in shades of orange, yellow and red.

Head there in mid-September until mid-October for the ultimate fall experience.

Napa Valley, CA

Head to the West Coast and experience the wine-growing region of Napa Valley, California. Spend time wine tasting and dining out.

Napa Valley has over 125 restaurants and the highest concentration of Michelin starred restaurants in the world.

There is also a vibrant art scene and lots of outdoor activities.

Head to Main Street in St. Helena for shops, boutiques, restaurants, and architecture.