As the days get hotter, the urge to travel becomes stronger.  A lot of international borders may still be closed, but that doesn’t have to stop you from exploring a new destination in the U.S. 

The thought of flying this summer makes some travelers weary, so many are choosing to go on road trips. 

Although driving poses fewer risks than flying, stopping at restaurants and gas stations on your route can still put you at risk for being infected with COVID-19. It’s important to still wear your mask and frequently wash your hands when going on a road trip. 

Now that you’ve planned where you want to go and have your mask and sanitizer packed and ready, there are a few hacks you should know to fully enjoy your road trip this summer. 

You may have been driving your car less than usual since the COVID-19 pandemic which is all the more reason to get your car serviced before heading on a road trip. 

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Getting your car serviced at least a week before hitting the road will ensure that the chances of your breaking down are slim. 

Things to make sure are checked: oil and tire pressure, car battery, breaks and engine. Also make sure you have a spare tire, just in case. 

Before heading on your road trip, download these apps to make your trip a bit easier.

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To find public bathrooms: Bathroom Scout, Sit or Squat

To find food: Yelp, TVFoodMaps

To find gas stations and rest stops: Gasbuddy, iExit

Free overnight campsites: FreeCampsites, WalmartLocator, US Public Lands

When crossing state lines, you’re more than likely going to have to pay tolls. Some of the toll booths don’t take cards, so having $1 and $5 bills is essential. If you have lots of change, put them in a pill bottle for easy counting. 

Instead of having to stop multiple times along the way for food, pack snacks and food in a cooler. Foods like apples, baby carrots, nuts, boiled eggs and trail mix are all great because they contain protein to keep you full and energized. 

To keep your car clean while traveling, bring an empty cereal box and line it with a plastic bag — voila! — now you have a makeshift trash bin. Also, placing muffin liners in your cup holders is a great way to collect crumbs.

When traveling in these times, it’s important to keep your immune system strong and stay as healthy as possible. You can bring your medicine cabinet on the road with you! All you have to do is get a plastic jewellery case, put your meds and vitamins in the case and now you have a portable medicine cabinet, perfect for your summer road trip.