Play like you’re a kid again with these alcohol- free spring break guy’s trips. Remember playing so hard, and then it hits you; you were suddenly starving! Or, wanting to go, ‘one more time!’ before stopping whatever fun a** thing you were doing?

These are those kinds of guy’s trips. Except, you get to pick how long you play. You get to pick when you eat (or have them bring it beachside to enjoy between catching waves in Fiji).

This year’s spring break bro trips don’t have to revolve around alcohol. They can revolve around ice climbing, surfing, paintballing, scuba diving and even going on safari.

Things are a little different this year. More people are wanting to travel now more than ever. The timing of spring break allows people to book two vacations instead of just one. So, be sure to plan ahead in 2022. Last minute deals may be hard to find as spring break approaches.

It won’t be hard to convince your best buds to come along on these exciting vacations. Learn more about yourself while helping protect the earth. Pick up a new skill with your friends cheering you on. These 5 alcohol free spring break guy’s trips will be ones you will always remember.

1. Dude Ranch in Montana


Located in Southwestern Montana The Ranch at Rock Creek is a guy’s spring break getaway for the books. Snowmobiling, shooting, snowboarding, fat tire biking and, of course, being a ranch hand; are all on the list of included activities.

Get your bros together and rent the Sara Jane cabin, a 4 bedroom cabin with a stately copper soaking tub and a sweet deck.

This all-inclusive takes care of everything from the moment you arrive, stating “It is our pleasure to offer all farm-to-table meals, a robust year-round outdoor activities program, an experienced staff, expert guides and top-of-the-the-line gear.”

2. Rhino Conservation in South Africa

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Give back to wildlife this spring break by traveling with your guys to South Africa to be part of the rhino conservation efforts.

Join Earth Watch and, “study rhino behavior, record their positions, monitor their feeding habits, and assess their relationship to their environment. Through these activities, you will inform efforts to conserve and manage rhino populations in South Africa.”

Meals and activities included.

3. Sheldon Chalet on Mt. Denali


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Go ice climbing, backcountry skiing and spelunking on Mt. Denali.  Sheldon Chalet is the only overnight lodge on Mt. Denali. It is also one of the only lodges open in the winter in Alaska.

Bring your guys on this exclusive spring break trip and explore the tallest mountain in the U.S.

A mix of rugged and luxurious, imagine glacier hiking, gourmet meals, backcountry skiing, a warm sauna, crevasse exploration and fur-lined comforters.

4. Paint Ball in Illinois


Paintball all weekend long with Legacy Adventure Park. Tent or car camping, as well as RV spots are offered for this 3 day adventure.

On your down time, play laser tag, archery tag or visit the target range. Visit the windy city for a day or two while you’re there. Spend the night at the W Hotel. Some of the rooms connect and boast views of Navy Pier.

5. Surf in Fiji


Tavarua Island Resort in Fiji has some of the best surfing in the world. Plan a spring break trip here with your bros and learn to surf. Or, increase your skills with the Fijian waves.

With several different wave types around the island, anyone can surf here. The most exciting might be the restaurant, “often described as a skate park in the sea.”

There are plenty of other activities as well. Fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, sand bar trips all are part of the resort’s offerings. Helicopter rides and sky diving can also be arranged.