ATL aka Atlanta, Gawja is home to some of our favorite rappers and singers. Most notably is hip hop duo OutKast. While the group has taken a break from giving us new hits, they haven’t lost their fan base.

Recently, Greensboro, NC artist JEKS created a brand new 30-foot mural to pay homage to the group. It is a rendition of a popular photo that was taken by Jonathan Mannion, the famed photographer behind some of hip hop’s most iconic images and album covers.

The larger than life painting can be found in the Little Five Points neighborhood, in a parking lot. It was created as a part of a new art series happening around the city called Atlanta’s Outer Space Project.

Fans have already begun flocking to the area after word spread via social media, that the painting was completed on Sunday.

“It’s total art,” said Darrin Raymond in a statement a local news outlet, who was visiting from Texas.  “They captured everything.  I’m talking about look underneath his eyes–you see the discoloration underneath the left eye?”

There is no word yet on if the mural will stay up permanently, but fans from near and far are hoping that it will.

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