Airports have been diligent about stopping the spread of COVID-19 by constantly sanitizing areas, enforcing travelers to wear masks and promoting social distancing. As the pandemic continues into 2021, airports are looking for ways to make the travel experience contactless. 

Implementing contactless procedures has become a necessity when it comes to the safety and health of travelers and airport employees.

Here are 3 ways airports are working to make your next travel experience touch-free.

Airports are working to make the security process contactless. They are doing so by using Credential Authentication Technology units which allows travelers to input their IDs into the scanner. Currently, there are 115 airports using this technology. TSA is also using tomography checkpoint scanners at 267 airports which allows the officers to get a 3D view of traveler’s carry-on bags. 

Photo by Robyn Beck / AFP

Travelers are able to check-in online, receive digital boarding passes and print their own luggage tags from the comfort of their homes. Once you’ve arrived at the airport, you’ll be able to check your own bags. 

Airports are also working on new ways to make the airport process safer by using biometric technology. 

Many airlines are currently testing CommonPass, a digital health passport which will store important health information of travelers for easy access. This way, travelers won’t have to keep up with paper copies of their COVID-19 test results.

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