California’s Napa Valley is often the first region people think of when they think of West Coast wine country. But, we want to be the first to tell you— if you didn’t already know— that San Luis Obispo’s wineries are just as worthy of a conversation.

Located along the state’s Central Coast, and conveniently situated between Los Angeles and San Francisco, SLO has 30 wineries for you to choose from. What really puts the icing on the cake is many of them offer daily tastings to the public for pretty cheap.

So, if you are ever in Central California and want to experience some of the area’s best wines, here’s a mini guide to navigating San Luis Obispo’s wineries.

1. The Cost

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

We’re going to start with the most important part, the cost to actually sit down for a tasting. If you are on a budget, great news, you can still live your best life.

Many of the tastings range from as low as $20 to around $35. Included in the price is typically a flight of wines to try— usually around 5-6 varietals and a mix of reds and whites.

Tasting rooms are open almost daily until about 5p. So, you can use this as a pre-game outing before heading to dinner or any other evening activities.

Some wineries also offer cheese plates for an additional fee.

2. Getting Around

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

While the region isn’t massive, you’ll need a vehicle to get from winery to winery. Our advice is to rent a car for the duration of your stay, especially if you plan on hitting up the wine country.

For those who want to do something out of the ordinary, you can book a SLO Winery Sidecar tour.

If you’re picturing a motorcycle with the little black  passenger buggy attached, you are absolutely correct.

For $150 you and a plus one can whiz from tasting to tasting for 2.5 hours in one. Also, this price includes the actual tastings, so you won’t have to pay for them separately.

The tours start from Wolff Vineyards, and will chauffeur you to several others close by in the time frame.

3. Bonus Tips & Info


Photo by DeAnna Taylor

San Luis Obispo’s wine region is great because many of the local winemakers also utilize sustainability practices in their day-to-day operations.

From solar panels to using filtered rainwater for their crop, the owners are committed to making the earth better.

There are over 20 grape varieties grown in this region, so while you may taste blends you’ve had before, you can guarantee there will just as many that are unique and new to your palette.

You can visit to check out all the wineries and exact tasting room times and prices.

Pro Tip: Be sure to try the Pure Chardonnay at Tolosa Winery, and the Syrah at Wolff Vineyards.