When it gets really hot out, it’s easy to want to stay indoors, Netflix and chillin’. These outdoor date night ideas to keep that love HOT this summer will inspire passion and adventure. You can keep it simple, and even free. Pick some flowers on your walk to the free theatre in the park. Or, you can do it big and rent a drop-top for the night and hire a private chef. It’s the effort to ask them on the date and take that special time with them that counts the most.

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Outdoor theatre, music in the park, kayaking adventures, or riding off into the sunset on horseback can keep the fire burning for months to come. Take time to get to know each other on a deeper level. Or, keep it light and have some laughs and adventures. Build teamwork skills, enjoy a meal together, or go people-watching. Do it together and keep the sparks flying.

Coming up with good ideas can be a task. So, TN has created a list of 20 ideas to impress your bae. Have a date night idea we missed? Add it in the comments and help other couples with outdoor date night ideas to keep that love HOT this summer.

1. Skinny-dipping

Skinny-dipping is a fantastic way to bond with your partner. It feels both risqué and romantic. Find a private spot, where you aren’t trespassing, and slide on in–clothes off!

2. A romantic, private outdoor dinner

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Hire a chef to prepare dinner at your home. Have them re-create your bae’s favorite meal and serve it al fresco.

Alternatively, fire up that grill and cook for them yourself. Set a table outside, light some candles, pull out the best dinnerware, and serve up that romance.

3. Nighttime kayaking adventures

Go on a nighttime bioluminescent kayaking tour in Florida. The water looks like it is glowing blue each time you dip your oars into the water. Marine creatures leave trails behind them as they float through the glowing water. A very specific outdoor date night idea, this one will keep you coming back every summer.

4. Music in the park

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Get out of the house and go dancing without going to a stuffy, crowded club. Music In The Park happens every summer all over the nation. LA offers tons of live music and festival options all summer (and all year) long. Plenty of the Music In The Park options are free. Or, grab your guitar and make your own music together.

5. Catch your dinner together

Set up a fishing date an hour or so before sunset. The fish are biting then. Take your date and impress them with your fishing skills. Then, clean your takings and make some fish tacos. Nothing exudes romance more than catching your own meal!

6. Outdoor theatre

Little Island Park
Shawnee D.

Shakespeare in the Park is offered in many cities, including Atlanta, Seattle, and Chicago, and it’s free. Tons of smaller cities offer outdoor theater, too. Grab a blanket and some fast food, then go sit and watch a romantic play like Romeo and Juliet.

7. Night Hike

Generally, night hiking happens either early in the morning or early in the evening. Start the hike when it’s still dark to get to a sunrise view that will leave you breathless. Try a late afternoon hike and reap the benefits of a lovely sunset. Then, hike down in the dark.

8. Roof-top bar

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The energy at roof-top bars hits different. Take your love out for drinks and fun conversation. Some rooftops are better than others, so do your research to score the romance points.

9. Dinner cruise

Grab your date and head to the dock. Board a cruise and enjoy dinner and drinks on the water with your love. Watch the sparks fly as the romance is taken to another level.

10. Star watching

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Sometimes, dates can cost nothing but will make the relationship richer. Invest in some alone time with bae by setting out a nice blanket, some wine, and chocolate. There’s even an app that tells you which constellations you’re seeing. Grow closer and learn about Orion’s belt while laying peacefully together under the stars.

11. S'mores on the beach

Grab a couple of logs and start a little fire on the beach. Bring some folding chairs and sticks to make S’mores. Toast your partner’s marshmallow for them. Cuddle by the fire’s light with this romantic summer date night idea.

12. Horse-drawn carriage ride

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NYC and Denver, this outdoor date night idea is especially for you. Think these are too cheesy? Think again. Couples even get dressed up to ride in Central Park. Plan ahead and the driver will present your boo with a bouquet of roses.

13. Go for a sunset walk

Find an open place where the sunset is visible and take a sunset stroll with your love. Pick some flowers as you go and make them a bouquet. This is also the perfect time of day to take selfies. The natural lighting is perfect.

14. Drive-in movies

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Drive-in movies still exist. The two movie feature is a good way to get lots of time with the love of your life.

Want to one-up your drive-in experience? Rent a convertible for the night and sit on the back of the car and watch the movie. You’re sure to score extra points for the effort.

15. Amusement park

Amusement parks are romantic; they just are. Riding rides, playing games, and eating cotton candy together. Go to a State Fair and have the added bonus of an outdoor concert and petting zoo!

16. Get in on a worldwide game of Hide-And-Go-Seek


Geocaching is basically a worldwide game of hide-and-go-seek. Participants use maps to hide and seek containers of different sizes, called “geocaches” or “caches”, at secret locations all over the world. Take your bae on this adventure and build those teamwork skills.

17. Hot springs hopping

The Southwest has an abundance of hot springs. Some are well-known with places to spend the night, others you can just hike into. Las Vegas, New Mexico’s Montezuma hot springs is so close, you can park right alongside it. Take a few weekends and submerge yourself into these healing springs.

18. Take a drive


Grab a couple of snacks and ride together through your city. Drive through your favorite neighborhoods. Listen to a romantic playlist. Talk about your aspirations.

19. Sunset horseback ride

Take your date on a sunset trail ride and have dinner included. With Wild West Horseback Adventures near Las Vegas, couples can take a sunset horseback ride and end it with dinner. Ride off into the sunset with the love of your life. Literally.

20. Putt-putt golf

Cristina Anne Costello

Miniature golf, or putt-putt golf, is a solid way to have a fun outdoor date night. Keep it light and play a round or two. Or, make some bets on who’s going to win and what they will get when they do!

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