While living in South Africa, Safaris were an activity I could never get enough of. Being able to see majestic animals like the elephant in its natural element is an experience worth cherishing for life. 

There are different types of safaris to choose from on the African continent. From self-guided tours, joining conservationists at work, game walks…etc., safaris are as diverse as the countries which make up Africa. 

Knowing the time of year to go on a safari is the key to getting the most out of your experience.

For example, the prime safari season in South Africa is during the summer months of December through February. 

Here are 15 of the best safari experiences on the African continent:

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve – South Africa

Located in the Western Cape region of South Africa, Grootbos is the place to go to spot sharks and whales. The Grootbos lodges are part of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World.

In addition to spotting animals, Grootbos is home to over 800 plant species. 

Kruger National Park – South Africa

Whether you’re interested in self-guided or first-time safaris, this game reserve is ideal and the largest in South Africa. 

Head out on a game drive at the crack of dawn to experience lion prides competing with each other and hunting their prey. 

There is also a hippo pool, where you can spot hippos living their best unapologetic lives.

Hlane Royal National Park – Swaziland

Visiting Swaziland is interesting because it is a country landlocked between South Africa and Mozambique and is very protective of its rhinos and marabou storks. 

You can embark on a self-guided drive to spot giraffes, hyenas, and lions!

Mana Pools National Park – Zimbabwe

Hop on a kayak and head down the Zambezi river to spot buffalo, elephants, and kudu in the wild. 

Head there in April for the best animal sitings. 

The Namib Desert – Namibia

Safaris here include gazing at the stars, being surrounded by gorgeous, silky sand and siting zebras, foxes, and lizards. 

Venture through the Namib sand dunes with a quad bike or hike to see ancient rock paintings in a cave nearby, the choice is yours!

Hwange National Park – Zimbabwe

Tour the Ngamo Forest Area and Hwange National Park to spot over 400 species of birds. 

Head four-hours driving north from Hwange to experience the stunning Victoria Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world. 

Serengeti National Park – Tanzania

If you’re into luxury travel, this park is for you! You’ll be able to travel in a luxury mobile camp while spotting zebras, gazelles, and wildebeests. 

There is also the option of a walking safari that gets you closer to the animals but remember, never run if you come too close to an animal. 

Olare Motogori Conservancy – Kenya

Located in southern Kenya, you can experience the best of East African wildlife by watching zebras and wildebeests making risky river crossings. 

Ragati Conservancy – Kenya

Also in Kenya is Ragati Conservancy which is located on the southern slopes of Africa’s second-highest peak, Mount Kenya. 

Head to the mountain streams to spot rainbow trout glistening in the water.

Zakouma National Park – Chad

Zakouma National Park is known for the number of animals that inhabit it. 

According to the National Geographic, “A herd of more than 5,000 elephants and flocks of birds, such as the black-crowned crane, in the tens of thousands, congregate here.”

The best time to visit is between December and April.

Volcanoes National Park – Rwanda

Volcanoes National Park only allows a certain amount of visitors each day, so it’s important to get there early.

Once in, you’ll be able to hike in the jungle and spot endangered mountain gorillas up close and personal.

Usually, you can observe them while they play with each other, eat bamboo shoots, and groom one another. 

You may also spot a golden money!

Selous Game Reserve – Tanzania

Head to this tranquil safari for a walking safari or traditional game drive. 

You can cruise along the Rufiji River to spot elephants, hippos, and leopards.

Gorongosa National Park – Mozambique

Despite enduring devastations for many years due to civil conflict, Gorongosa National Park is lively and welcoming to visitors. 

This park has amazing wildlife such as antelope, Nile crocodiles, lions, hippos, and elephants.

Central Kalahari Game Reserve – Botswana

Head to Botswana to spot the black-maned Kalahari lions roaming freely in this reserve. 

You can also end the day by watching an amazing sunset.

Chobe National Park – Botswana

Another gem of Botswana is Chobe National Park, located north of Central Kalahari. It is also home to one of the largest elephant populations in Africa. 

Come Game Lodge is also the home of the only all-female safari guide team on the continent!