Mason’s Super Dogs is owned and operated by 13-year-old entrepreneur, Mason Wright from Metro Atlanta. Mason’s Super Hot Dogs specializes in handcrafted hotdogs made with super toppings and packed with a super taste.

Most Wednesdays, you can catch Wright selling his famous hotdogs and homemade sauces in front of the bookstore on the Morehouse campus. His delicious water ice is also now available.

According to PETA, Mason’s sells one of the best vegan hotdogs in the country. The menu’s staple dish is the Hawaiian Pineapple hot dog, topped with relish, mixed peppers, onions, and his homemade sauce on a bun.

Mason’s family has taste-tested and approved the menu which features turkey, vegan chicken sausage, vegan sausage, and vegetarian meats. Toppings include mango salsa, beef chili, grilled corn, sweet onion relish (a must-have) and more. His favorite is the Pizza Hot Dog, topped with pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, made with his own signature relish.

Mason Wright | Facebook

I’ll be the first to admit, being New York native, the hot dogs in Atlanta aren’t always the best. Wright noticed the same thing during a trip to New York with his mom and older sister.

Two things stood out to him, New York’s fast-paced environment and their hotdogs. Wright knew he could do it bigger and better in Atlanta, so he raised money saved $400 to buy an electronic food cart by doing various odd jobs like mowing lawns, dog walking, and washing cars. By 10 years old, Wright had begun selling hotdogs at birthday parties and local festivals, and events before landing a spot at Morehouse College once a week.

Wright also teaches his friends and other young entrepreneurs about the ongoing path to success.

“I want other kids that tease me to see it was all worth it,” he told Atlanta Magazine. “I did not have to join a gang or take from other people to have nice things. I worked for it and gave other young people like me a chance.”

For now, he is focused on adding a logo to his hot dog stand and expanding from food trucks to a chain of restaurants. More importantly, he hopes to continue serving as an example for other teenagers like himself, by speaking at entrepreneurial boot camps for young kids at other schools.

Book Mason’s Hot Dogs for your next event, along with sibling companies The Candyman Cart and Mason’s Frozen Treats.