Food has an incredible ability to transport us to familiar places and introduce us to new destinations. While traveling may not be in the books for you right now, you can still cure your wanderlust through your sense of taste. 

Condiments are a great way to add pizazz to your food and each country has its own favorite condiments loved by locals and tourists. 

If you’re looking to travel via your tastebuds, try these condiments from various countries:

Chutney is a condiment commonly used in Indian food and can be made to be sweet, spicy, smooth, or chunky. With a combination of vegetables, fruits, and spices, chutney is the perfect way to get a taste of India. 

You can make chutney at home or purchase from your local grocery store. 

If you’re ever had a falafel or pita, chances are you’ve tasted labneh. This condiment, made from thick yogurt cheese, elevates your pita and vegetables.

Labneh is fairly easy to make at home, or you can find in most grocery stores. 

Summer is approaching and nothing is better than chilling outside while eating a few tacos and sipping on a margarita. Pico de Gallo is an excellent summertime condiment and goes easily with roasted vegetables, tacos, grains, and grilled meat.

Pico de Gallo is super easy to make at home and you can find it in most grocery stores. 

This delicious sauce is made from African Bird’s eye chilies, red onions, and garlic and is blended to a smooth consistency. Peri-Peri sauce is a stable in South African households and cuisines and is the perfect addition to any dish.

You can find this yummy condiment at Walmart. 

If you’re like me, making pasta during this time is very comforting. Adding pesto to your pasta can elevate your dish and transport you to Italy. 

Made from basil, garlic, parmesan cheese and pine nuts, pesto sauce is an incredible addition to any pasta dish.

As long as you have a food processor, pesto is really simple to make! It’s also easily accessible in grocery stores. 

Ok, so this one is definitely an acquired taste and it’s salty flavor may catch you off guard. Vegemite is a popular breakfast condiment for Aussies and is made from yeast.

Marmite, a condiment similar to vegemite, is popular among the British. 

You can find vegemite in most International stores such as World Market or online. 

Harissa is a chill paste commonly eaten in North African countries such as Tunisia and Morocco. It’s the perfect way to spice up your meals and pairs well with cous cous and grilled meat.

You can find harissa at most grocery stores. 

Have you been getting your sushi fix? Wasabi is a great condiment, made from horseradish and mustard, to transport you to Japan. 

Wasabi is easily found in most grocery stores. 

You may already have this condiment in your kitchen and we don’t blame you, it’s unapologetically delicious. This sauce is made from chilli pepper paste, distilled vinegar, salt, sugar and garlic. 

The origins of Sriracha have been said to be from Vietnam but the condiment is Thai and named after the town Si Racha in Thailand. 

Sriracha is easily found in grocery stores. 

Personally, tahini is one of my favorite condiments in the world. It can be used in most meals and is made from sesame seeds and turned into a paste.

You can find this wonderful condiment in most grocery stores (Trader Joe’s has a great one)!

Aioli is a delicious, creamy sauce made from garlic, egg yolk, mustard, lemon juice, and olive oil, and can be added to potatoes, salads, burgers, vegetables and more. 

This sauce is very popular in the south of France as well as the Mediterranean. 

You can find a variety of aioli’s in most grocery stores.