As things are starting to look up, many of us are wondering what travel will be like post-COVID-19. 

With the uncertainty of international borders reopening, travelers are looking for destinations to explore domestically. 

Florida is a state many travel to for places like Disney World, Miami Beach, and Little Havana but there is so much more to explore in the Sunshine State that is still unknown of to most. 

Here are 10 destinations in Florida you may not know about:

Coral Castle – Miami

Located in Miami, this castle is made from 1,100 tons of coral rock and took 28 years to build. It’s regarded as the eighth man-made Wonder of the World. 

The visionary behind the castle, Ed Leedskalnin, did not share how he built the beautiful structure, but he did say that he now knows “the secret of the pyramids.”

Salvador Dali Museum – St. Petersburg

Art lovers should definitely add this museum to their list of places to hit up once travel is allowed again. 

The Salvador Dali museum is home to many of the artist’s paintings, photographs, prints and more. 

There are also other cool activities like film screenings and yoga classes!

Dry Tortugas National Park – Gulf of Mexico

Head to these isolated islands to experience the wonders of nature. Visitors can only access Dry Tortugas by seaplane or boat and it’s perfect to explore coral reefs, beautiful tropical birds and to go kayaking. 

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens – Gainesville

Located nearby the University of Florida is Kanapaha Botanical Gardens which houses the most extensive collection of bamboo trees. It is also the home of the largest herb garden in the Southeast. 

There are twenty-four various gardens to explore, so be prepared to spend the entire day here!

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens – Delray Beach

Can’t make it to Japan? No worries!

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens will transport you to Japan through its peaceful gardens, exhibits on Japanese culture, and various artworks. 

You can even head to the team room and participate in a traditional tea ceremony. 

Cape Romano Dome Homes – Marco Island

These homes are a treat for those who love architecture. They were originally designed as beach homes that could withstand hurricanes but succumbed to beach erosion. 

They’re now viewed as a beautiful result of nature doing it’s own thing. 

Apalachicola National Forest – Bristol

Apalachicola is the largest forest in the state of Florida. Head here to experience breathtaking natural springs, lakes, and rivers. 

St. Photios National Greek Orthodox Shrine – St. Augustine

This gorgeous shrine was built in 1749 by a Spanish family and is now open for travelers to admire. 

Here you can find Byzantine art, a serene garden and bone fragments certified by the Vatican from 18 saints. 

Neptune Memorial Reef – Key Biscayne

If you’re into scuba diving or someone who craves being around water, this location is a must. 

Here you can find the largest man-made reef in the world, covering over 16 acres of the ocean floor. 

Falling Waters State Park – Chipley 

Another great destination for those who love water; Falling Waters State Park is home to the highest waterfall in the Sunshine State. 

The 73-foot waterfall drops into a sinkhole which was used by Native Americans as hideouts during the Seminole Wars.