Chicago is definitely known for their amazing eats. As one of the major cities in the Midwest it can also be a pretty pricey trip for those who like to visit during the spring and summer seasons.

Short on cash? Or looking to stay within your budget? No worries. Here are a few spots to grab a bite that won’t hurt your pockets. Check out the top ten best cheap eats of Chicago.

1. Ghareeb Nawaz

Ghareeb Nawaz is the perfect place if you’re craving Indian food on a budget. The dishes will run you around $5. The menu includes biryanis, parathas, curries, and other vegetarian dishes.  

2. Portillo's

Portillo’s is known for its budget-friendly Chicago-style hot dogs that cost around $4.

The hot dogs are loaded with mustard, relish, celery salt, chopped onions, tomatoes, kosher pickle, and sport peppers. Other items on the menu include a char-boiled chicken sandwich for $5.29, an Italian beef sandwich for $6.29, crinkle-cut fries for $2.69, and a chocolate cake shake for $4.29.

3. Lawrence Fish Market

Lawrence Fish Market is a popular sushi spot in the city. Most of the sashimis only cost a dollar, while salmon and avocado rolls are only $3.45. 

4. Sultan's Market

Sultan’s Market is great for big portions at a low cost. The menu includes sandwiches, hot dogs, hummus, smoked baba ganoush, pies, pita sandwiches, falafel, and chicken shawarma.

Prices range from $3 to $10.

5. Honey 1 BBQ

Visit Honey 1 BBQ to taste the heavenly rib tips and hot links. Orders come in different sizes, and the smallest order is enough to feed a single person. Prices start from $7.50.

6. Nhu Lan Bakery

Nhu Lan Bakery is famous for its mouth-watering bánh mì. This Vietnamese sandwich is loaded with pâté and cheese. You can also go for the vegetarian options which are just as delicious.

Prices start from $10. 

7. La Chaparrita Grocery

La Chaparrita Grocery is the best place if you want to get the taste of authentic tacos, huaraches, and agua frescas. Thr lengua tacos are famous, and only cost around $3.50.

8. Harold’s Chicken

Among all the other chicken shops in Chicago, Harold’s Chicken is the best. The most popular dish is the 1/2 chicken dinner, which is around $10. It comes with a side of white bread and fries.

Here’s a tip, try the chicken with Harold’s Mild Sauce to get the best flavor!

9. Chiu Quon

Chiu Quon is one of the oldest bakeries in Chicago, and it serves the best BBQ pork bun. The bun is stuffed with pork which is seasoned with salt, soy sauce, sugar, oyster sauce, and sesame oil.

Price at Chiu Quon starts at $1.50.

10. Ina Mae Tavern

Ina Mae Tavern is famous among Chicago locals for its delicious beignets that only cost $7.

The beignets are soft and covered in confectioner’s sugar. There’s no doubt, these are the best in town.