Hong Kong Restaurants: Best Local Cuisine
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Hong Kong Restaurants: Best Local Cuisine

Hong Kong , China
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Travel Noire Feb 2, 2019

Like any major cosmopolitan city, Hong Kong has a wealth of diverse restaurants to sate your palate while visiting. In fact, Hong Kong’s dining industry is so diverse that they have one of the world’s highest per capita restaurant ratios! And they’re not limited to Asian fare—from modern fusion restaurants, to traditional dishes, and old stalwarts to newcomers alike, we’ve rounded up what to taste in Hong Kong. With competition fierce, you’ll find incredible restaurants everywhere you look, so read on to find the best.

Check out Bo Innovation in Wan Chai for refined flair


Bo Innovation in Wan Chai is an intelligent blend of old and new, fine in sophistication but not-too-serious in the presentation. This makes it a great stop for everyone. Rounding out their dishes with both traditional and newer Chinese cuisines, all are tempered with finesse. Service is also exceptional, and befitting a much stuffier place, but Bo Innovation doesn’t present itself as anything but inviting.

Grab A Kowloon Sensation at Islam Food

In case you’d forgotten how culturally diverse Hong Kong—and indeed, China—can be, you won’t for long as you peruse the endless restaurants that not only boast variety but perfection. Such is the case with Islam Food in Kowloon City, which has fans from all across Hong Kong.

This joint is a top-of-the-line destination with persistently long lines for a table, but Hong Kongers swear by their delicious beef burgers, brisket noodles, and lamb curry. Do yourself a favor, and if you find yourself needing to pass time before your next event, invest in a little wait time.

Dine with discerning foodies at The Chairman in Sheung Wan

The Chairman in Sheung Wan taps Asia’s finest producers for its seasonal produce, which is mostly organic and utilizes no MSG. Their spices and meats are similarly sourced. Although the restaurant has only been open for about a decade, it’s earned  the reputation of being not only one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong, but in all of Asia. Most treasured is its pigeon with chrysanthemum and loongjing tea, a staple from day one.

Taste some of Japan’s finest in Sheung Wan at Yardbird

While you’re in Sheung Wan for The Chairman, don’t pass up on Yardbird, especially if you have a taste for Japanese cuisine. After only seven years in business, Yardbird is a popular destination. The owners and kitchen staff create everything with a discernable passion which is reflected in the level of care applied to every dish, be it oysters or fried cauliflower.

The most popular item here is the yakitori, which is only one of the items that have put them on the map. While the owners have a refined palate which is clear by some of the dishes, such as a liver mousse, that doesn’t mean there isn’t simple comfort food here. Their fried chicken and crispy shallots can be enjoyed by anyone.

Their service is also top of the line, and while they charge a premium for their high-end fare, they do not serve in courses and there’s no service charge. Live a little and splurge on a jewel of Hong Kong.


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