The Seven Wonders of the World are often at the top of many people’s bucket travel lists, and for good reason. Often described as the seven most impressive constructions known to man, the “Wonders” are epic and awe-inspiring to anyone that’s had the opportunity to see them first-hand.

If it’s always been a dream of yours to visit the “Wonders,” this may be the perfect opportunity for you to do so. The well-known travel and tour company Contiki recently announced that they would pay rent for any U.S. traveler between the ages of 18 and 35 who books Contiki tours to all seven wonders of the world. 

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Although visiting the seven wonders in seven countries and four continents may sound like a dream adventure, according to MSN, the trip could cost you about $13,600 (plus airfare and accommodation) if you book via Contiki certainly not a cheap investment. However, for some, that price tag may be well worth the experience of a lifetime to see India’s Taj Mahal, Mexico’s Chichen Itza, Peru’s Machu Picchu, Italy’s Colosseum, Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue, the Great Wall of China, and the ancient city of Petra, Jordan.

Are you looking to explore more of each country during your stay? Each Contiki tour varies from six to twelve days in length, so expect to visit many exciting sights outside of just the Seven Wonders in each country, experiencing the local culture, history, and most iconic landmarks. 

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If you are ready to book, be sure to have proof of your current rental agreement or evidence of past rental payments before Contiki will apply the discount to your life-changing trip around the world. To get started, you can contact Contiki by calling 1-866-266-8454 or emailing